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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 4

201. Which is the Award given to the best milk producer ?

Answer: Ksheeradhara.

202. Which is the Award given to the best Farm Journalist ?

Answer: Karshakabharati.

203. Which is the Award given to the best Agricultural Labourer ?

Answer: Srama Sakti

204. Which is the Award given to the best ST farmer ?

Answer: Karshakajyoti

205. Which is the Award given to the best Agriculture scientist ?

Answer: Krishi Vigyan.

206. Which is the Award given to the best Farmer ?

Answer: Karshakothama

207. Which is the Award given to the best young farmer ?

Answer: Yuvakarshaka

208. Which is the Award given to the best farmer who engages in soil protection ?

Answer: Kshonimithra

209. Which is the Award given to the best Vegetable Farmer ?

Answer: Haritha Mithra

210. ___________ is the mineral from which the metal is conveniently and economically extracted

Answer: Ore

211. Bauxite and Cryolite are the main ores of ____________

Answer: Aluminium

212. Sulphide ores are purified by _____________ process

Answer: Froth Hoatation

213. _________ is the process of heating the ore below its melting point in absence of air to remove volatile impurities

Answer: Calcination

214. _________ is the impurity present in the ore

Answer: Gangue

215. Most abundant metal present in developed animals

Answer: Calcium

216. The atmosphere mainly consists of ________

Answer: Nitrogen

217. __________ is the central portion of earth

Answer: Core

218. Most abundant metal present in blood is__________

Answer: Potassium

219. The elements which lose electrons in chemical reaction are called _________

Answer: Metals

220. _________ is the best conductor of heat and electricity

Answer: Silver

221. _________ is the king of metals

Answer: Gold

222. _________ is the metal having lowest melting point

Answer: Mercury

223. Iron coated with _________ is called galvanised iron

Answer: Zinc

224. Iron coated with tin is called _________

Answer: Tin plate

225. Who wrote the book De re Metallica?

Answer: Georg Agricole

226. Compounds of _________ are used as cooling agents in refrigerators

Answer: Flourine

227. The most abundant metal in the earth crust is _________

Answer: Aluminium

228. The element used to increase the hardness of rubber is _______

Answer: Sulphur

229. The heaviest gaseous element is _______

Answer: Radon

230. The most chemically active element is ________

Answer: Flourine

231. Element extracted from monazite sand is _______________

Answer: Thorium

232. The method used for refining metals containing volatile impurities is _______

Answer: Oxidation

233. ________ is the poorest conductor of heat

Answer: Lead

234. ________ is used in atomic clocks

Answer: Cesium

235. Pewter is an alloy of _______ and _______

Answer: Tin, Lead

236. The most plentiful mineral is ________

Answer: Felspar

237. Malachite is the mineral of _________

Answer: Copper

238. Element stored in Kerosene to prevent oxidation is _______

Answer: Sodium

239. __________ is used for making integrated chips

Answer: Silicon and Germanium

240. __________ is the metal having highest melting point

Answer: Tungsten

241. Man made elements are known as ________

Answer: Transuranics

242. Mendeleev’s periodic table is based on ________

Answer: Atomic weight

243. The first man made element is _________

Answer: Technicium

244. The father of periodic table is ______

Answer: Mendeleev

245. The most common element in the universe is_______

Answer: Hydrogen

246. The metal which regulates blood pressure in humanbeings is ______

Answer: Sodium

247. The natural element having highest atomic weight is _________

Answer: Uranium

248. The lightest and simplest element (gas) is _______

Answer: Hydrogen

249. ________ are chemicals that can be applied to living tissues to destroy micro organism

Answer: Antiseptics

250. W ater gas is a mixture of carbon monoxide and ________

Answer: Hydrogen
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