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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 37

1851. The chemical name of white vitriol?

Answer: Zinc Sulphate

1852. The scientific study of Moon?

Answer: Selenology

1853. Who founded the Insulin?

Answer: Sir. Federic Banting

1854. Garampani sanctuary is located at:

Answer: Diphu, Assam

1855. The old name of Iran :

Answer: Persia

1856. Capital of Hawai :

Answer: Boise

1857. The Son of Sri Buddha?

Answer: Rahul

1858. First Newspaper in Kerala

Answer: Rajyasamacharam

1859. First limited company in Kerala

Answer: Punalur Paper Mill

1860. First Coffee estate in Kerala

Answer: Ancharakandi

1861. First Teak estate in Kerala

Answer: Nilampur

1862. First library in Kerala

Answer: Thiruvanthapuram Public library

1863. First College in Kerala

Answer: Kottayam CMS

1864. First Bank in Kerala

Answer: Nedungadi Bank

1865. First Railway in Kerala

Answer: Thirur to Beppur

1866. First Medical College in Kerala

Answer: Thiruvanthapuram

1867. Father of Psychology

Answer: Sigmund Freud

1868. Father of Cloning

Answer: Ian Wilmut

1869. Father of Printing

Answer: Guttenberg

1870. Father of History

Answer: Herodotus

1871. Father of Economics

Answer: Adam Smith

1872. Father of Philosophy

Answer: Socrates

1873. Father of Sociology

Answer: Augustus Comte

1874. Father of English Poetry

Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer

1875. Father of Biology

Answer: Aristotle

1876. Father of Essay

Answer: Montaigne

1877. Father of Medicine

Answer: Hippocrates

1878. Father of Homeopathy

Answer: Samuel Haniman

1879. Father of Socialism

Answer: Robert Owen

1880. Father of Scientific Socialism

Answer: Karl Marx

1881. Father of Co-operation

Answer: Robert Owen

1882. Father of Jurisprudence

Answer: John Locke

1883. Father of Atom Bomb

Answer: Otto Hahn

1884. Father of Genetics

Answer: Gregor Mendel

1885. Father of Motor Car

Answer: Henry Ford

1886. Father of Reformation

Answer: Martin Luther

1887. Father of Greek Democracy

Answer: Clesthenes

1888. Father of Bangladesh

Answer: Sheikh Mujibur Rehman

1889. Father of Pakistan

Answer: Muhammed Ali Jinnah

1890. Father of Tanzania

Answer: Julius Nyrere

1891. Father of Mathematics

Answer: Pythagorus

1892. Father of Modern Cartoon

Answer: William Hogarth

1893. Father of Modern Computer

Answer: Charles Babbage

1894. Father of Nuclear Physics

Answer: Ernest Rutherford

1895. Father of Modern Drama

Answer: Henrik J. Ibsen

1896. Father of Modern Tourism

Answer: Thomas Cook

1897. Father of Painting

Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci

1898. Father of Green Revolution

Answer: Norman Borlaug

1899. Father of Renaissance

Answer: Petrarch

1900. Father of the Nation

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
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