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18401. Daily allowance for halt on tour for 12 hours is :

Answer: Half D.A.

18402. An officer having a basic pay of Rs.14620/- when transferred from Kollam to Kannur can claim cost of carriage of personal effects for a maximum of :

Answer: 2000 Kg.

18403. The date of retirement of a high school teacher whose date of birth is 01-07-1956 will be:

Answer: 30-06-2012.

18404. An L.D.Clerk in district police office, Malappuram is deputed for a training in Institute of Management in Government. Trivandrum for 3 months from He will get full D.A. for halts for:

Answer: 30 days.

18405. The total period of halt of an under secretary in Govt. Secretariat, Trivandrum on tour at Ernakulam is 30 hours. His eligibility for daily allowances for halt is:

Answer: 1 D.A.

18406. A senior Supdt. in civil supplies department retired from service on 31-03. His pension was fixed as Rs.12,777 . What will be the monthly reduced pension after commuting the maximum amount of pension?

Answer: 7667

18407. An assistant surgeon in Health services Dept. was on leave without allowances without medical certificate from 01-01-2011 to 30-10-He got an increment on 01-11-.His next increment will be on :

Answer: 01-08-2012.

18408. The leave earned by a female officer, while in service includes:

Answer: Earned Leave.

18409. Emoluments for calculation of death-cum –retirement gratuity includes:

Answer: Basic Pay and Dearness Allowance.

18410. An Agricultural assistant in agriculture Dept. died in an accident. He got a total service of 12 years. The amount eligible as D.C.R.G is :

Answer: 12 times the emoluments.

18411. When a Gazetted officer retires from service before his pension is finally fixed, the Audit officer shall issue authorization sanctioning:

Answer: 100% of probable pension as anticipatory pension and 75% of D.C.R.G.

18412. The service book of a retired officer should be kept in safe custody for the prescribed period by:

Answer: Head of office at the time of retirement.

18413. An Assistant Engineer working in a mind Govt.Dept. was discharged from service due to abolition of the post. He is eligible for:

Answer: Compensation Pension.

18414. An associate Professor in medical college, Trivandrum voluntarily retired from service after completing 25 years of service. He is eligible for:

Answer: Retiring pension.

18415. A Govt.servant working at Kollam attended obligatory departmental tests for 5 days in January 2012 at Kannur, even though Kollam was also a centre. He is eligible for:

Answer: Only the dates of test being treated as duty.

18416. A permanent Junior Supdt. working at Palakkad is appointed as Deputy Collector as advised by the Kerala Public Service Commission and posted at Trivandrum. He is eligible for:

Answer: Transfer T.A corresponding to the grade of Junior Supdt.

18417. A Govt.servant should obtain special permission of Govt:

Answer: To apply for a patent for an invention made by him, in the course of his official duties involving scientific research.

18418. The services of an officer in Taluk Office, Kollam is requested by a private firm for 3 hours every day out of office hours and without detriment to his official duties. This request can be granted by:

Answer: The Govt.

18419. The different kinds of travelling allowances does not include:

Answer: Dearness allowance.

18420. A Deputy Collector in Collectorate, Kollam who went on tour to Ernakulam was provided accommodation at Guest House Ernakulam at reduced rates. His eligibility for daily allowance is :

Answer: Full D.A.

18421. A Deputy Collector in Collectorate, Trivandrum inspected Taluk Office, Nedumangad, which is at a distance of 20 kms, on 05-06-2012 and 6-6-The number of days he can avail for journey is :

Answer: Nil.

18422. The date of birth of a Chief Radiographer in Health Services Dept.is 01-04-The date of his retirement is :

Answer: 31-03-2011.

18423. The date of retirement of a Govt.Servant is :

Answer: The last date of the month in which he completes the age of retirement.

18424. The period from 30th January 2012 to 2nd March 2012 will be treated as:

Answer: 1 month and 2 days.

18425. An officer under suspension died before completion of disciplinary proceedings. The period of suspension will be treated as :

Answer: Duty.

18426. An officer transferred to a place 550km away from his headquarters will get a minimum journey time of :

Answer: 2 days.
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