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18251. Appropriation bill is explained in :

Answer: Para 56 kbm.

18252. Permanent advance is being used to meet:

Answer: Unforeseen expenditure.

18253. Specimen signature of a gazetted officer is to be forwarded to the Accountant General in case:

Answer: To draw leave salary in another state.

18254. Sanction will lapse in accordance with:

Answer: Art. 50kfc vol.1.

18255. Procedure for accepting “Tender” is explained in :

Answer: Art.135 kfc vol.1.

18256. Treasury officer refused to accept a non-countersigned R.T.C of an officer who assumed charge of a newly created post. Is it correct?

Answer: No, exception to Art.81 (a) kfc vol.1.

18257. Recovery of charges from local body is authorized in :

Answer: Art.311 kfc vol.1.

18258. Discretionary donation to charitable institutions are being sanctioned by:

Answer: Governor.

18259. Procedure to be followed when a defalcation or loss come to notice is specified in :

Answer: Art.297 kfc vol.1.

18260. The record that can be destroyed is :

Answer: Sub vouchers of secret service expenditure.

18261. Preparation of revised budget estimation is prescribed in :

Answer: Para 20 kbm.

18262. The units of appropriation is specified in :

Answer: Appn.11 kbm.

18263. Reporting of personal claim of a gazetted officer is as per:

Answer: Para 77 kbm.

18264. Collective fidelity guarantee insurance policy is mentioned in :

Answer: Art.286 kfc vol.1.

18265. Sub major Head is defined in:

Answer: Para 11 kbm.

18266. Refund of revenue is defined in:

Answer: Art.35 kfc vol.1

18267. Advance of purchase of motor car is sanctioned by:

Answer: Government.

18268. Preparation of indent for purchase is specified in :

Answer: Art.123 kfc vol.1.

18269. Functioning of Finance Commission of India will be determined by:

Answer: The President of India.

18270. The control of expenditure by Chief controlling officer is specified in :

Answer: Para 72 kbm.

18271. Special rule for a particular item of contingent expenditure is incorporated in :

Answer: Appn.4 kfc.vol2.

18272. ‘Draft paragraph’ is explained in :

Answer: Para 100 kbm.

18273. Budget Documents are enlisted in:

Answer: Para 51 kbm.

18274. Major divisions of accounts are specified in :

Answer: Para 8 kbm.

18275. Procedure to be followed discrepancies found on verification of stores is explained in:

Answer: Art. 161, kfc vol.1

18276. Performance Budget:

Answer: Para 53 kbm.

18277. Which is not a part of the public account?

Answer: Forest Deposit.

18278. Repayment of security deposit is based on :

Answer: Art.295 (a) kfc Vol.1.

18279. Rules governing secret service expenditure is :

Answer: Appnx. 6 kfc vol.2

18280. Which is not an interest bearing advance?

Answer: Transfer pay advance.

18281. Expenditure on inaugural ceremony of major works are controlled by:

Answer: Art.221 kfc vol.1.

18282. Duties and responsibilities in realizing fine:

Answer: Art.23 (a) kfc vol.1.

18283. Immovable property register is maintained under rule:

Answer: Art.170 kfc vol.1.

18284. Procedure for regularization excess over voted grant:

Answer: Appnx.15 kbm.

18285. Grant is aid to state co-operative union is sanctioned by :

Answer: Registrar of co-operative societies.

18286. Destruction of official records relating to accounts is specified in :

Answer: Art.338 kfc vol.1

18287. Keeping of accounts relating to Fine is under:

Answer: Art 24 kfc vol1.

18288. Rules for preparation of Muster Roll:

Answer: Art.187 kfc vol.1.

18289. Contractor’s security deposit is realized under:

Answer: Art.287 kfc vol.1

18290. The rate of penal interest on overdue installment of loan:

Answer: 2.5%.

18291. Secretary to saving bank is :

Answer: Director of Treasuries.

18292. The TA bills which needs no counter signature:

Answer: Secretary to Government.

18293. List of estimating officers is incorporated in :

Answer: Appnx.6 kbm.

18294. Papers of ephemeral character are not entered in this register:

Answer: Distribution register.

18295. When valuables are received the tappal clerk enters the details in:

Answer: Security register.

18296. The valuables received in the office sent for safe custody of:

Answer: Manager.

18297. The stamps received in the office duly affixed on petition are defaced by:

Answer: Tappal clerk.

18298. The acknowledgement of the manager who receive the valuables in the office to be obtained in this place:

Answer: Margins of the communication.

18299. A new personal register is opened for every year:

Answer: Calendar year.

18300. How many entries can be made in each page of the personal register?

Answer: Three entries.
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