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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 32

1601. The gas used in refrigerator is :

Answer: Freon

1602. Estimation of halogens in organic compound is done by:

Answer: Carrius method

1603. The metal which I does not react with dilute sulphuric acid:

Answer: Lead

1604. In free state, hydrogen is present in:

Answer: Sun

1605. The insect which lays eggs in water is :

Answer: Dragonfly

1606. The mosquito that spreads malaria in man is named:

Answer: female anopheles

1607. The function of the white blood corpuscles is :

Answer: to produce anti-toxin

1608. Which of the following process liberates energy ?

Answer: Respiration

1609. During the solar eclipse, which of the following represents the relative position of the sun, moon and earth correctly:

Answer: the moon in between the sun and the earth

1610. A degree of Longitude has about the same length as a degree of Latitude at:

Answer: Equator

1611. The supersonic air craft find it most convenient to fly in the:

Answer: Stratosphere.

1612. Seismograph is used to measure:

Answer: Earthquake

1613. Which Steel Plant is known as the “Pittsburgh of India :?

Answer: Jamshedpur

1614. The first political leader who got Nobel Prize for the literature?

Answer: Winston Churchil

1615. The winner of Women’s Wimbledon championship of 2007 ?

Answer: Venus Williams

1616. Present sectary general of United Nations:

Answer: Banki -Moon

1617. Jim Corbet National park is in:

Answer: Uttaranjal

1618. The country used paper currency first in the world:

Answer: China

1619. Father of cell phone :

Answer: Martin Cooper

1620. The modern quantity of theory of money was developed by :

Answer: Milton Friedman

1621. Consumer Protection Act was enacted in the year :

Answer: 1986

1622. National Flag of India designed by:

Answer: Pingili Venkayya

1623. Human Rights day is observed all over the world every year on :

Answer: 10th December

1624. The government has decided to —- all unauthorized buildings.

Answer: Pull down

1625. ——– you opologize,he won’t forgive you

Answer: Unless

1626. The mother as well as her three children________taken to the hospital

Answer: was

1627. The old man was too weak to travel________himself

Answer: by

1628. Roshan was so absorbed _______his work that he did’nt even raise this head.

Answer: in

1629. It ———heavenly when I woke up yesterday

Answer: was raining

1630. Mahatma Gandhi appealed to the people to _____________the cruelties of British authorities.

Answer: Putt off

1631. Opposite of the word “rigid” :

Answer: Flexible

1632. Few students knew the answer,___________?

Answer: Did they

1633. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘economical”

Answer: wealthy

1634. If the driver______ the brake, the car would have hist the old man.

Answer: Had not applied

1635. There weren’t any hotels near by,_____?

Answer: Were there

1636. It was with great difficulty he gained entry to the auditorium, but he made a sudden _________

Answer: Departure

1637. The thieves not only robbed the travelers_________,beat them up.

Answer: But also

1638. I ________ him the truth, If I were you.

Answer: Would tell

1639. 86, would d you mind _______the door?

Answer: to shut

1640. I wish he __________ settle the issue soon.

Answer: may

1641. The appropriate meaning of ‘run-of the-mill”

Answer: very important

1642. Midhun said, Do you enjoy cricket? change into indirect speech)

Answer: Midhun asked me if I enjoy cricket

1643. One must always be careful in _________dealings with others.

Answer: His

1644. Rahul is very rich .He can buy a car.(Combine using “enough”)

Answer: Rahul is enough rich to buy a car.

1645. Meaning of the Phrase ‘Ad hoc’:

Answer: formed for some special purpose

1646. Everyone looked up to him(Change into positive voice)

Answer: He is being looked up to by everyone

1647. The juice is made _____fresh oranges.

Answer: of

1648. Our Chief minister is a person of long experience in politics Use the one word for the words underlined)

Answer: Veteran

1649. The mis-spelt word among the following words.

Answer: Synagogue.

1650. When the police interrogated the thief, he made a clean breast of everything (Meaning of the idiom underlined) :

Answer: denied
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