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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 306

15301. Name the French Tourism Company which bought Mahatma Gandhi"s house in South Africa for an amount of $377,029 outbidding other bidders including Indians?

Answer: Voyageurs du Monde.

15302. Which animal has been declared as ‘National Aquatic Animal’ by Government of India?

Answer: ‘Dolphin"

15303. The former head of Interpol and South Africa"s national police chief who went on trial accused of corruption.

Answer: Jackie Selebi

15304. Who won National Snooker Championship title-2009?

Answer: Pankaj Adwani. He defeated Saurabh Kothari in final.

15305. National women"s billiards title-2009 is won by?

Answer: Meenal Thakur.

15306. Which team won the Irani Trophy Cricket title for 2009-10?

Answer: Rest of India.

15307. Who has been selected for the 24th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration for the year 2008?

Answer: Balraj Puri.

15308. Which country tops the list of the countries with the highest quality of life according to the annual Human Development Index, unveiled by the U. N. Development Program?

Answer: Norway.

15309. Who won Nobel Prize-in literature of this year?

Answer: The award is given to Germany’s Herta Mueller, a Romanian-born writer honored for work that “with the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the dispossessed.”

15310. Which state won IBN 7 Diamond state award for “India’s best big state” for their overall performance and significant contribution to the development of the state?

Answer: Kerala.

15311. Winner of The Wisden Cricketer magazine"s World Test Player of the Year 2009 award?

Answer: Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh all rounder

15312. The tropical storm that hits Japan on October 8 killing two people and shuttering factories, closing schools and stranding commuters and travelers at airports and train stations?

Answer: Typhoon Melor

15313. According to the QS/Times Higher Education rankings, which university retained the top position among the top 100 varsities of the world?

Answer: Harvard University (U.S.A).

15314. Which team won the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy of 2009?

Answer: India Red

15315. One of the greatest writers of Gothic fiction who has given funeral 160 years after his mysterious death?

Answer: Edgar Allan Poe He has been honoured with a second funeral service on October 10, 2009.

15316. Boyzone singer, who has been found dead at the age of 33 while on holiday with his partner Andrew in Mallorca.

Answer: Stephen Gately

15317. Indian sound engineer who was recently inducted into the Motion pictures Academy, the members of which can cast their votes for the list of Oscar nominees?

Answer: Rasool Pookutty

15318. Countries which have signed a historic peace agreement recently ending a century of hostility – hostility that stemmed from the World War One mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman forces?

Answer: Turkey and Armenia

15319. A former TV crime show host and state legislator accused of commissioning killings to boost ratings turned him in to authorities and was jailed on homicide and drug trafficking charges?

Answer: Wallace Souza

15320. Who has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?

Answer: Barack Obama, US President.

15321. Canada"s first space tourist and also the world"s first Space Clown who returned from International Space station on October 11, 2009?

Answer: Guy Laliberte

15322. Who is the new President of International Academy of Astronautics?

Answer: G Madhavan Nair. (Former ISRO Chairman)

15323. The Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal?

Answer: Sujata Koirala

15324. Name of the previously unreleased song by Michael Jackson which was unveiled to the world almost four months after the star"s death?

Answer: "This Is It"

15325. Sweden striker who announced his retirement from International Football recently?

Answer: Henrik Larsson.

15326. Who has received the 2009 Golden Foot award?

Answer: Ronaldinho, Brazilian Striker

15327. New Zealand all-rounder who retired from Test cricket to prolong his career in the shorter formats of the game?

Answer: Jacob Oram

15328. Who is the new director of National Cricket Academy of India?

Answer: Sandeep Patel

15329. Indian footballer who was a part of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics squad that finished fourth, which is India"s best finish in Olympic football, died recently?

Answer: Keshto Pal

15330. India has signed a civil nuclear pact with which country that encourages and support scientific technical and commercial co-operation for mutual benefit in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy?

Answer: Argentina.

15331. Argentina qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa following a 1-0 away victory over arch rival Uruguay in Montevideo. Who scored that goal for Argentina?

Answer: Mario Bolatti.

15332. Who is appointed as the new member of the Supreme Court Collegium after retirement of the second senior most apex court judge Justice B N Agarwal?

Answer: Justice R V Raveendran

15333. India recently signed the Military Technical Cooperation Agreement with which country?

Answer: Russia.

15334. Countries which are qualified for World Cup-Football 2010 as the 20th and 21st nations for the 32-team World Cup, scheduled for next June in South Africa?

Answer: Switzerland and Slovakia.

15335. Who has been appointed as the captain of the Australia Twenty20 team?

Answer: Michael Clark

15336. Indian-American billionaire who has been featured in Forbes annual list of America"s 200 Best Small Companies among "eight self-made stars who have built tidy empires in an array of industries"?

Answer: Bharat Desai

15337. The Country which decided to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s telescope and the U.N.-designated International Year of Astronomy recently?

Answer: Vatican

15338. The first African country to win the under-20 World Cup Football after beating four-time champions Brazil 4-3 in a penalty shoot out in the final held in Cairo.

Answer: Ghana

15339. Veteran Journalist, publisher social activist and a pioneer in bringing out evening dailies in Malayalam died at a private hospital in Kozhikode in Kerala.

Answer: Theruvath Raman

15340. Who has been named as the AIFF (All India Football Federation) Player of the Year-2009?

Answer: Subrata Paul.

15341. Who is elected as the new president of the All India Football Federation?

Answer: Prafool Patel

15342. Who is the new world champion in Formula One?

Answer: Jenson Button

15343. Russian gymnast, who won a bronze medal at world championships in London, died y in a car crash recently?

Answer: Yury Ryazanov

15344. Who becomes the youngest ever recipient of the Order of Jamaica, one of the country"s highest honours, at a ceremony in the capital Kingston?

Answer: Usain Bolt

15345. Who was re-elected as President of Indonesia securing nearly 61 per cent of the vote, ahead of his nearest rival and ex-president Megawati Sukarnoputri?

Answer: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

15346. Who is the Vice President of Indonesia?

Answer: Boediono

15347. A man who worked for years as a nurse"s aide in Maryland and Pennsylvania who has been crowned as a king in Uganda recently?

Answer: Charles Wesley Mumbere

15348. Which trains collided in Uttar Pradesh"s Mathura city killing 23 people on October 23, 2009?

Answer: Goa Express and Mewar Express.

15349. Who was confirmed as the next Lucasian Professor of Mathematics on 19 October 2009, to succeed Stephen Hawking on 1 November 2009?

Answer: Michael Boris Green.

15350. Which country has begun operating an earthquake monitoring station at the foot of Mount Everest in a bid to learn more about the world"s highest peak?

Answer: China
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