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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 292

14601. Shell is the exclusive feature of :

Answer: UNIX.

14602. A scheduler which selects processes from secondary storage device is called:

Answer: Medium term scheduler.

14603. The scheduling in which CPU is allocated to the process with least CPU burst time is called:

Answer: SJFS.

14604. A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is :

Answer: Star N/W.

14605. In linked list START=NULL condition occurs in :

Answer: Under flow.

14606. Microprocessors as switching device are for which generation computers.

Answer: Fourth Generation.

14607. In 1974 a database language introduced by Boyce:

Answer: SEQUEL.

14608. The first large scale implementation of Codd’s relational model was IBM’s :

Answer: System R.

14609. SQL-3 standard consist of how many parts:

Answer: 5

14610. Which of the following isn’t a DCL statement?


14611. A component which is not a 3 times architecture.

Answer: Business service.

14612. The minimum number of fields with each node of double linked list is :

Answer: 3

14613. Linked list are not suitable for:

Answer: Binary search.

14614. In a circular linked list insertion of a record involves the modification of :

Answer: 2 pointer.

14615. The processing of accessing data stored in a tape is similar to manipulating data on a?

Answer: List.

14616. How many value can be held in an array A[-1, -m, 1, -m]?

Answer: m(m+2).

14617. Sparse matrices have:

Answer: Many zero entries.

14618. What is the minimum number of stacks of size ‘n’ required to implement a queue of size ‘n’?

Answer: Two.

14619. What is the expansion of UML?

Answer: Unified Modeling Language.

14620. Round Robin Scheduling is essentially the preemptive version of :

Answer: FIFO.

14621. What is a shell?

Answer: It is a command interpreter.

14622. Routine is not loaded until it is called. All routines are kept on disk in a relocatable load format. The main program is loaded into memory and is executed. This type of loading is called:

Answer: Dynamic Loading.

14623. In the blocked state.

Answer: Processes waiting for I/O are found.

14624. What is the memory from 1K-640K called?

Answer: Conventional Memory.

14625. Virtual memory is :

Answer: An illusion of extremely large main memory.

14626. The process related to process control, file management, device management, information about system and communication that is requested by any higher level language can be performed by:

Answer: System Call.

14627. Multiprogramming systems:

Answer: Execute more jobs in the same time

14628. The solution to critical section problem is : Mutual Exclusion, Progress and Bounded Waiting.

Answer: The statement is true.

14629. The number of processes completed per unit time is known as:

Answer: Throughput.

14630. The mechanism that bring a page into memory only when it is needed is called ?

Answer: Demand Paging.

14631. PCB is :

Answer: Process Control Block.

14632. In a memory, the minimum time delay between the initiation of successive memory operations is:

Answer: cycle time

14633. The first Operating System used in Microprocessor based system was:

Answer: CP/M

14634. The Boolean expression A(B+C)+AB+AC is independent of the Boolean variable:

Answer: B

14635. A byte addressable computer has memory capacity of 4096 KB and can perform 64 operations. An instruction involving 3 memory operands and one operator needs:

Answer: 72 bits

14636. Which addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X, Y?

Answer: Absolute

14637. The addressing mode used in the stack related instruction PUSH B is:

Answer: Register indirect

14638. Parallel printers use:

Answer: Centronics interface

14639. An assembler that runs on one machine, but generating code for another machine is called:

Answer: Cross assembler

14640. A computer with a 32 bit wide data bus implements its memory using 8 K x 8 static RAM chips. The smallest memory that this computer can have is:

Answer: 32 KB

14641. To construct a binary Mod-N counter, the number of flip-flops needs is:

Answer: Log2N

14642. The total number of possible ordered trees using 3 nodes A,B,C is :

Answer: 12

14643. The binary search algorithm is of order:

Answer: log n

14644. The minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic graph on N vertices is :

Answer: N

14645. Assuming 2 sorted lists of sizes ‘S1 ’ and ‘S2’, the worst case number of comparisons needed by the merge sort algorithm is :

Answer: S1+S2 -1

14646. If an M x N matrix is stored in column major form, the index calculation required to access the (i, j)th entry is :

Answer: M .(j-1)+i

14647. Four different algorithms L1, L2, L3 and L4 with orders of log(n), log{log(n)}, n log(n) and n/log(n) respectively have been proposed to solve a specified problem. Which of these is the best one?

Answer: L2

14648. The principle of locality of reference is cited to justify the usage of :

Answer: Cache memory

14649. On a particular system, using Quick sort, if it takes 100 msec to sort 1000 records, time taken to sort 100 records will be :

Answer: 6.7msec

14650. In traversing a tree using Breadth First Search, the data structure used is :

Answer: Queue
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