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13251. Krishna Puram Palace in Alappuzha was built by

Answer: Marthanda Varma

13252. The annual budget "Pathivukanakku" was introduced by

Answer: Marthanda Varma

13253. Puthandam was built by

Answer: Marthanda Varma

13254. The Treaty of Mannar was signed between

Answer: Marthanda Varma and Kayamkulam King (1742)

13255. Marthanda Varma conqued Kayamkulam in

Answer: 1946 (Battle of Purakkad)

13256. Thrippadidanam was took place on

Answer: 3 January 1750

13257. Name of Travancore ruler made the famous Thrippadidanam

Answer: Marthanda Varma (After that he serve the Kingdom as Padmanabha DasanDasan)

13258. The Mavelikkara Treaty was signed in the Year

Answer: 15 August 1753 (Marthanda Varma and Dutch East India Company)

13259. The Minister who divided the land into Devaswam, Brahmaswam, Dhanam and Pandaravaka

Answer: Mallan Sankaran

13260. Who introduced Murajapam and Bhadradeepam in the Padmanabha Temple

Answer: Marthanda Varma

13261. Ottakkal Mandapam in Padmanabha Temple was built by

Answer: Marthanda Varma

13262. The court poets of Marthanda Varma

Answer: Ramapurathu Warrior and Kunjan Nambiar

13263. The famous work of Ramapurathu Warrior

Answer: Kuchela Virtham Vanchipattu

13264. Marthanda Varma was died on

Answer: 7 July 1758

13265. The successor of Marthanda Varma

Answer: Dharma Rama (Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma)

13266. The famous novel Marthanda Varma was written by

Answer: C.V. Ramanpillai

13267. Mother Teressa Born on

Answer: 1910-08-26 00:00:00

13268. Mother Teressa Born in

Answer: Skopje

13269. Mother Teressa"s Father

Answer: Nikolle

13270. Mother Teressa"s Mother

Answer: Drana Bojaxhiu

13271. Mother Teressa"s Original Name

Answer: Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

13272. Mother Teresa is also known as

Answer: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

13273. In which year Mother Teresa arrived in India

Answer: 1929

13274. In which place Mother Teresa started her work

Answer: Darjeeling

13275. The Founder of Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata

Answer: Mother Teresa (1950)

13276. The founder of Shanthi Nagar

Answer: Mother Teresa

13277. In which year Mother Teresa started the first Home for the Dying

Answer: 1952 (Kolkata)

13278. Nirmal Shishu Bhavan

Answer: 1955

13279. The Missionaries of Charity Brothers

Answer: 1963

13280. The first house founded outside India in

Answer: Venezuela (1965)

13281. The Missionaries of Charity Sisters

Answer: 1976

13282. The Corpus Christi Movement for Priests

Answer: 1981

13283. The founder"s of Charity Father"s

Answer: Mother Teresa and Joseph Langford (1984)

13284. Mother Teresa Died on

Answer: 1997-09-05 00:00:00

13285. Mother Teresa Died in

Answer: Kolkata (West Bengal)

13286. Who is known as the "Saint of Gutter"

Answer: Mother Teresa

13287. "The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice" book was written by

Answer: Christopher Hitchens

13288. Mother Teresa"s official Biography was written by

Answer: Navin Chawla

13289. Mother Teresa Women"s University is situated

Answer: Kodaikanal (Tamilnadu)

13290. Mother Teresa was declared a Saint by Pope Francis in the Vatican City on

Answer: 2016-09-04 00:00:00

13291. The official Logo (Emblem) for the Canonisation of Mother Teresa was designed by

Answer: Karen Vaswani

13292. Present Mother Superior General of Missionaries of Charity Kolkata

Answer: Merry Prema

13293. Who said that Sainthood for Mother Teresa is a "Memorable and Proud Moment"

Answer: Narendra Modi

13294. Mother Teresa"s Statue unveiled in Chennai on

Answer: 2016-09-04 00:00:00

13295. Winner of UK"s Prestigious Founders Award 2016

Answer: Mother Teresa

13296. The 4th edition of Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) 2016 was conducted in

Answer: Kolkata (West Bengal)

13297. Mother Teresa Post Graduate and Research Institute of Health Science

Answer: Pondicherry

13298. The book "A Call to mercy: Hearts to love, Hands to Serve by Mother Teresa" was written by

Answer: Brian Kolodiejchuk

13299. Winner of Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice 2013

Answer: Sushmitha Sen

13300. Winner of Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice 2014

Answer: Anuradha Koirala
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