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10751. Which type of machine was Charles Babbage"s first invention?

Answer: Calculating

10752. Who was also called lady with a lamp?

Answer: Florence Nightingale

10753. Who was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize?

Answer: Mary Curie

10754. How many countries participated in the first Asian Games held in 1951?

Answer: 11

10755. The airline of Germany is called?

Answer: Lufthansa

10756. The birth anniversary of Fakruddin Ali Ahmed was celebrated as:

Answer: Solidarity day

10757. Worlds largest railway platform was situated in:

Answer: India

10758. Who was the first Muslim woman to sit on the throne of Delhi?

Answer: Razia Sulthana

10759. Who was the first Indian to climb Mount Everest?

Answer: Tensing Noergay

10760. Which is the longest tunnel in India?

Answer: Pir panjal

10761. Largest zoo in India is situated at:

Answer: Kolkatta

10762. Who is considered as the founding father of Indian space programme?

Answer: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

10763. The National Institute of Immunology was located at:

Answer: New Delhi

10764. Who was the first Secretary General of Commonwealth?

Answer: Arnold smith

10765. Which is the largest constituency in terms of area?

Answer: Ladakh

10766. The first book by an Indian writer to receive booker prize was:

Answer: God of small things

10767. Vande Mataram was originally composed in which language?

Answer: Sanskrit

10768. Which is the last month of Indian national calendar?

Answer: Phalguna

10769. The congress lost the loksbha elections for the first time in:

Answer: 1977

10770. Edward Jenner was the founder of:

Answer: RabiesVaccine

10771. Templeton awards are conferred in the field of:

Answer: Religion

10772. Who has been awarded the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement in cinema?

Answer: Satyajith Rai.

10773. Indian national calendar was adopted in:

Answer: 1957

10774. Who were the first Indian women to sail around the world?

Answer: Ujjwala Rai

10775. Who were the decedents of original inhabitants of India?

Answer: Dravidian

10776. Which is the largest union territory in India?

Answer: Andaman Nicobar

10777. Who was the last governor general of free India?

Answer: C. Rajagopalachari

10778. Who was served as the president of International Court of Justice?

Answer: Nagendra Singh

10779. Which is the India"s first experimental Geo stationary Satellite?

Answer: APPLE

10780. Bhaba Atomic Research Centre is located at:

Answer: Trombay

10781. Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre (ITEWC) was set up in the year?

Answer: 2008

10782. Asia’s first atomic power station is located in:

Answer: Tarapur

10783. The preamble of the UN charter was prepared by:

Answer: Jan Smuts

10784. Sabir Bhatia is most closely associated with:

Answer: Hot Mail

10785. Who was the founder of Green Belt Movement?

Answer: Wangari Maathai

10786. The first Indian women to receive the Raman Magsaysay Award was:

Answer: Mother Theresa

10787. The Chief of Army Staff holds the rank of:

Answer: General

10788. The first test tube baby in India delivered at which hospital?

Answer: King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

10789. By whom was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

Answer: John Wilks Booth

10790. Who was the first judge against whom the impeachment proceedings were started in Loksabha?

Answer: Justice V. Ramaswamy

10791. Which place in India did Albuquerque conquer in 1510?

Answer: Goa

10792. The national flag of India was designed by:

Answer: Pingali Venkkayya

10793. Rocket Propellant Plant (RPP), Thumba was commissioned in the year.

Answer: 1969

10794. Fidel Castro has served as the president of Cuba for approximately:

Answer: 30 years

10795. The book Poverty and Unbritish Rule in India was written by:

Answer: Dadhabai Naoroji

10796. The chakra at the centre of the National Flag was:

Answer: 24 spokes

10797. The first session of UN was held at:

Answer: London

10798. Tripoli agreement is also known as:

Answer: Libya Accord

10799. Who was the author of the book Suitable Boy?

Answer: Vikram Seth

10800. Who holds the world record for maximum number of song recordings?

Answer: Laths Mangeshkar
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