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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 208

10401. ‘Conversations with Myself’ is the autobiography of ?

Answer: Nelson Mandela

10402. Venue of Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100th century in international Cricket ?

Answer: Dhaka

10403. Jaya Bachan became a member of Rajya Sabha on the ticket of ____?

Answer: Samajwadi Party

10404. Who was reappointed as the Attorney General of India ?

Answer: Ghoolan E Vahanvati

10405. Which is the first Indian State to introduced e-GPF facility?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

10406. Which Gulf country introduced a new labour policy "Nitaqat"?

Answer: Saudi Arabia

10407. Which country is the first in South Asia to roll out 4G Mobile Network?

Answer: Sri Lanka

10408. Which country has removed India from it"s General Preferential Tariff or GPT regime, which offers lower tariff for exports from India to that country?

Answer: Canada

10409. Which is the only licensing-cum-regulating body of the financial audit and accountancy profession in India?

Answer: ICAI

10410. The High Court of which state in India had given a verdit that all new vehicle registered in the State should run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?

Answer: Gujarath

10411. The Dighi National Manufacturing Investment Zone is situated in which Indian State?

Answer: Maharashtra

10412. 4G LTE is a standard for wireless communication of high speed data for mobile phone and data terminals. What does LTE stand for?

Answer: Long Term Evolution

10413. In which country, the United Nations Security Council has approved the first-ever "offensive" UN peace keeping brigade to battle rebels group?

Answer: Democratic Republic of Congo

10414. Which Indian state donated 100 hectors land to Indian Council of Agricultural Research to launch a Directorate of Maize Research?

Answer: Punjab

10415. Which country is India"s largest economic patner in Europe?

Answer: Germany

10416. "Bedroom Tax" is in the country?

Answer: England

10417. Who was the first Indian to get MGNREGA wages from the postal department using Aadhar Number?

Answer: Madduri Lakshmi Devi (Andhra Pradesh)

10418. Which online gient launched the "Digital will"?

Answer: Google

10419. Which tennis player won the men"s single title in the Madrid Open?

Answer: Rafel Nadan (Spain)

10420. Who lead the official deligation to the 67th Cannes International Film Festival?

Answer: Kamal Hassan

10421. Which project under the Governmnet of India won the United Nations Public Service Award 2014?

Answer: Mobile Seva

10422. Who has become the first women to command a UN Peace Keeping Force ?

Answer: Kristin Lund (Norway)

10423. Who has been appointed Chairman of Central Water Commission?

Answer: A.B.Pandya

10424. Who has been selected as the goodwill ambassador of the 35th National Games?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

10425. The World Green Economy Summit (WGES) 2014 was held in:

Answer: Dubai

10426. The Reserve Bank of India has given ‘In Principle’ banking licenses to ............... and .............

Answer: Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) and Bandhan Financial Services Ltd.

10427. Which movie won seven awards at the 86th Academy Awards?

Answer: Gravity,

10428. Which Commission probing the Solar panel scam began its sitting in February?

Answer: Justice Sivarajan Commission

10429. India successfully tested the first indigenous air-to-air Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile named ..............

Answer: Astra

10430. Which is India’s own indigenous card payment gateway that launched recently?

Answer: Rupay

10431. The city in which India"s first post office savings bank ATM has been inaugurated?

Answer: Chennai

10432. India"s first electric passenger bus has been launched by which city"s transport corporation?

Answer: Bangalore

10433. India’s first double decker flyover was inaugurated in which city?

Answer: Mumbai

10434. Who became the youngest female mountaineer to scale the Mount Everest?

Answer: Malavath Purna (13)

10435. Who won the ICC under 19 World Cup 2014?

Answer: South Africa

10436. Which team bagged the 68th Santosh Trophy football title?

Answer: Mizoram

10437. Which is the First Navigation Satellite of India?

Answer: IRNSS-1A (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System-1A)

10438. The rocket launched IRNSS-1A?

Answer: PSLV-C22

10439. Weight of IRNSS-1A?

Answer: 1425kg

10440. Largest moon of Pluto?

Answer: Charon

10441. First Chinese moon rover?

Answer: Jade Rabbit / Yutu

10442. WhatsApp was founded in the year?

Answer: 2009 (it is a platform for sending images, video, audio and text messages)

10443. Who is the Founder of Facebook?

Answer: Mark Zuckerberg

10444. Who is the founder of WhatsApp?

Answer: Jan Koum

10445. Facebook acquire WhatsApp by ?

Answer: $ 19 billion (Rs 1,20,000 crore)

10446. The 2013 ICC Champions Trophy Cricket is hosted by ?

Answer: England and Wales

10447. Which country won the T20 World Cup 2012?

Answer: West Indies

10448. Which country won the Asia Cup Cricket 2012 held in Bangladeah?

Answer: Pakisthan

10449. 20th Asia Atheletics Championships to be held at?

Answer: Pune (Maharshtra)

10450. Which team won the Confederation Cup 2013 title?

Answer: Brazil (Beat Spain with 3-0)
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