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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 207

10351. The internet browser developed in India?

Answer: Epic

10352. Tintu Luka is associated with?

Answer: Athletics

10353. Relegaon Siddhi, the native village of Anna Hazare is in the state of..?

Answer: Maharashtra

10354. The strength of the Commonwealth…?

Answer: 54

10355. The term of the 12th Five Year Plan?

Answer: 2012-17

10356. Mary Kom is associated with …?

Answer: Boxing

10357. South Sudan is the …… th member from Africa to join U.N.O ?

Answer: 54

10358. The strength of Asian Development Bank including the 19 members outside Asia?

Answer: 67

10359. The new woman judge of Supreme Court of India?

Answer: Renjana Desai

10360. Yingluck Shinawatra is the prime minister of?

Answer: Thailand

10361. The first state where Mobile Portability System was launched by Telecom Department?

Answer: Haryana

10362. The first city in India where 4G facility was launched?

Answer: Kolkata (Airtel)

10363. Asia’s first solar park is at Charanka village in Patan in?

Answer: Gujarat

10364. The venue of 2016 Winter Youth Olympics is scheduled to be held in Lillehammer, acityin?

Answer: Norway

10365. What was the position of India in the medal list of the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

Answer: Second with 101 Medal (First Australia)

10366. The second largest public sector bank in India?

Answer: P N B

10367. The Minister in charge of the portfolioof Information Technology in Kerala?

Answer: P.K.Kunhalikkutty

10368. The coin of lowest denomination in public circulation in India at present?

Answer: 50 paise

10369. Tumalapalli Uranium Mine is in the state of?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

10370. The date on which South Sudan became a member of UNO?

Answer: 2011 July 14

10371. Which country passed Nuclear Liability law in the back ground of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster?

Answer: Japan

10372. The African nation where the government was ousted in a coup on 12th April 2012?

Answer: Guinea Bissau

10373. The first telecom incubator centre in India?

Answer: Kalamassery

10374. The youngest member of the 15th Lok Sabha?

Answer: Ahmad Hamdullah Sayeed

10375. Who got the first KP Ummar Puraskaram?

Answer: Mamukkoya

10376. Pakistan deported the members of the family of Usama Bin Laden to?

Answer: Saudi Arabia

10377. The first Life Time Achievement Award of Kerala Sahithya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangham was declared to Thakazhy and...... ?

Answer: Vayalar Ramavarma

10378. The motto of 2010 Asian Games?

Answer: Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia

10379. The 2011 Cricket World Cup shall be co-hosted by?

Answer: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

10380. The strength of International Association of Athletics Federation?

Answer: 212

10381. The 520 MW Omkareswar hydroelectric project dedicated to nation is a joint venture of NHPC and...... ?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

10382. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer: N Kirankumar Reddy

10383. Who took coach’s oath in 2012 Summer Olympics?

Answer: Eric Farrell

10384. Parimarjan Negi is associated with?

Answer: Chess

10385. The Indian nominee who was elected to ICJ?

Answer: Dalveer Bhandari

10386. The first radar imaging satellite of India ?

Answer: RISAT-1

10387. Joshna Chinnappa is associated with ?

Answer: Squash

10388. Who got the first K.P. Kesavemenon Award ?

Answer: M P Veerendrakumar

10389. Somdev Devvarman is related to ?

Answer: Tennis

10390. Guangzhou Asian Games was .......th Asian Games ?

Answer: 16

10391. Ronjan Sodhi is associated to ?

Answer: Shooting

10392. Which Article of the Constitution has been amended in order to raise the percentage of reservation for women in Panchayat Raj Institutions ?

Answer: 243 (D)

10393. The full form of NHRM ?

Answer: National Rural Health Mission

10394. The nationality of Clive Palmer, the billionaire who plans to build the replica of Titanic ?

Answer: Australia

10395. Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of India ?

Answer: Dr.Ratan Kumar Sinha

10396. The headquarters of the proposed university in Kerala for Fisheries and ocean studies ?

Answer: Panangad

10397. The first woman of Indian origin to become the governor of a US state ?

Answer: Nikki Haley

10398. Simhadri Thermal Power project is in the state of ?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

10399. The venue of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics ?

Answer: Nanjing

10400. The number of countries affiliated to INTERPOL ?

Answer: 190
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