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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2

101. Stainless Steel is an alloy of –

Answer: iron (73%),Carbon(1%), Chromium (18%) and Nickel (8%)

102. Solderis an Alloy of-

Answer: lead (50%) and tin (50%)

103. Bronzeis an alloy –

Answer: of copperand tin.

104. Brass isan alloy of-

Answer: copper (60-80%) and Zinc (40-20%)

105. Mercuryand gallium are metals which are liquids at-

Answer: room temperature.

106. Thehardest metal is –

Answer: Tungsten.

107. Wroughtiron is the purest type of iron that contains-

Answer: least of carbon.

108. Silver,gold and platinum are known as –

Answer: noblemetals.

109. Metalswhich has the highest density is-

Answer: Osmium

110. Gunmetal is made from-

Answer: tin and copper.

111. Cobaltis used in making-

Answer: rust - resistant alloys.

112. Steel isa form of iron. To make steel from iron, The carbon content is reduced from-

Answer: 5% to 0.5 -1.5%)

113. Platinummetal occurs in its pure form in-

Answer: earth"s crust

114. Thefirst known super conductor is –

Answer: mercury.

115. Silveris the best conductor of –

Answer: heat andelectricity.

116. Iodineis a-

Answer: solid non-metal

117. Iron isthe-

Answer: first metal used by man

118. Metalliccofactor present in chlorophyll is-

Answer: magnesium.

119. Metalliccofactor present in haemoglobin is-

Answer: iron.

120. Metalabundant in sea water is-

Answer: Vanadium

121. Themetal most abundant in human body is-

Answer: calcium.

122. Which ofthe following is the lightest metal ?

Answer: Lithium

123. Carborandum is —

Answer: SiliconCarbide

124. Carbon,diamond and graphite are together called

Answer: allotropes

125. The most important ore of Aluminium is–

Answer: Bauxite

126. Which of the following is the best conductorof electricity ?

Answer: Silver

127. Fromwhich mineral is radium obtained ?

Answer: Pitchblende

128. The element present in the largest amount inrocks and minerals is–

Answer: Silicon

129. Washing soda is the common name of —

Answer: SodiumCarbonate

130. Tetraethyllead is used as

Answer: Petrol

131. Thechemial name of Uria is–

Answer: Carbamide

132. Thefilament of electric bulb is made of —

Answer: Tungsten

133. Permanenthardness of water, due to sulphates of the metal, can be destroyed by the useof

Answer: zeolites

134. Permanenthardness of water can be removed by adding–

Answer: Washing Soda

135. Bleaching powder is made from —

Answer: Limeand Chlorine

136. Which ofthe following metals remains in liquid form under normal conditions ?

Answer: Mercury

137. Theformula of Plaster of Paris is–

Answer: 2CaSO4, H2O

138. The twoelements that are frequently used for making transistors are —

Answer: Siliconand Germenium

139. Byfixation of nitrogen is meant-

Answer: Conversionof atmospheric nitrogen into Useful compounds

140. LiquefiedPetroleum gas (LPG) consists of mainly–

Answer: Methane, and Propane

141. Which ofthe following gas is not known as green house gas ?

Answer: Nitrousoxide

142. Vallathol Award 2015

Answer: Anand

143. Muttathu Varkey Award 2016

Answer: K G George

144. Malayattoor Award 2015

Answer: V. Madhusoodanan Nair(Achchan Piranna Veedu)

145. Asan Poetry Prize 2014

Answer: Prabha Varma

146. Ezhuthachan Award 2015

Answer: Puthussery Ramachandran

147. O. V. Vijayan Literary Award 2014

Answer: B. Rajeevan

148. Mathrubhumi Literary Award 2014

Answer: T. Padmanabhan

149. Ulloor Award 2015

Answer: Attur Ravi Varma

150. Odakkuzhal Award 2015

Answer: S Joseph (Book Chandranodoppam)
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