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9851. Which is the first pico-satellite developmed in India?

Answer: Student Stellite (STUDSAT)

9852. Which was India"s first experimental Satellite Lauch Vehicle?

Answer: SLV-3 (July 18,1980)

9853. Who is known as the "Father of Indian Space programme" ?

Answer: Vikram Sarabhai

9854. Name the marketing agency under the Govt. which controls markets of ISRO"s hardware, manpower and software?

Answer: Antrix Corporation

9855. Which was India"s First Earth Observation Satellite?

Answer: Bhaskara-I

9856. Which was first Indian Geo Stationary Satellite?

Answer: APPLE(Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment)

9857. Which is India"s largest nuclear research reactor ?

Answer: Dhruva

9858. Bhabha Atomic Research Center was formed in the year ?

Answer: 1954

9859. What is the code name of India"s test explosion of 5 nuclear devices ?

Answer: Operation Shakthi

9860. India"s test explosion of 5 nuclear devices took place at?

Answer: Pokhran

9861. India"s test explosion of 5 nuclear devices took place in ?

Answer: 1998

9862. Who was the Prime Misnister of India at the time of Operation Shakthi?

Answer: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

9863. Which day is officially declared as National Technology Day by India Govt in 1998?

Answer: 42866

9864. National Technology Day celebrated to Commemorate for ......?

Answer: the first of the 5 tests that were carried out in May 1998

9865. Who was the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission at the time of India"s first nuclear test?

Answer: Homi Sethna

9866. In which year was Indian Space Research Organisation formed?

Answer: 1969

9867. Where is the headquarters of the Atomic Energy Commission of India ?

Answer: Mumbai

9868. Nuclear power contributes .... % of overall electricity generated in India?

Answer: 0.028

9869. Which was the first nuclear power station in India?

Answer: Tarapur Atomic Power Station(Muambai)

9870. Who was the Prime Minister of India at the time of first nuclear explosion?

Answer: Indira Gandhi

9871. At present which is the largest nuclear power station in India?

Answer: Tarapur

9872. What was the code name of India"s first nuclear test explosion ?

Answer: Smiling Buddha

9873. India"s first nuclear test explosion take place at ?

Answer: Pokhran

9874. India"s first nuclear test explosion in the year of ....?

Answer: 27167

9875. Who is known as the "Father of Indian Atomic Bomb"?

Answer: Raja Ramanna

9876. Which was India"s First atomic reactor?

Answer: Apsara

9877. Which is India"s third station in Antarctica ?

Answer: Bharathi

9878. Atomic Energy Commission of India was formed in the year ?

Answer: 1948

9879. What is the name of India"s first station at Arctic ?

Answer: Himadri

9880. Who was the founding chairman of India"s Atomic Energy Commission?

Answer: Homi.J.Bhabha

9881. Where is India"s research station in Arctic situated?

Answer: Ny-Alesud(Norway)

9882. Who is known as the "Father of India"s Nuclear Power Project"?

Answer: Homi.J.Bhabha

9883. Who inagurated India"s Arctic station on 1 July 2008?

Answer: Kapil Sibal

9884. Who was the leader of India"s first expedition team to Arctic?

Answer: Rasik Ravindra

9885. With Himadri, India has became the .... th country to have established a full fledged research station in Arctic?

Answer: 11

9886. Name the scientist who lead both Antarctic and Arctic expedition team?

Answer: Rasik Ravindra

9887. In the visible spectrum the colour having the shortest wavelength is ?

Answer: Violet

9888. Cloudy nights are warmer than clear nights because of ?

Answer: Isolation

9889. A concave lens always forms an image which is ...?

Answer: Virtual and erect

9890. Fish can survive inside a frozen lake because?

Answer: Water near the button does not freeze

9891. A rocket works on the principle of conservation of ?

Answer: Linear momentum

9892. Pitch is a characteristic of sound that depend upon its?

Answer: Frequency

9893. A thermostat is a device for ...?

Answer: Regulating temperature

9894. Ampere is the unit of ?

Answer: Electric current

9895. Which is more elastic, rubber or steel?

Answer: Steel

9896. Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?

Answer: Fibre glass

9897. The source of all magnetism is ?

Answer: Moving electric charge

9898. What was called "a guest star" earlier?

Answer: Supernova

9899. In our houses we get 220V Ac. The value 220 represent?

Answer: Effective Voltage

9900. A lunar eclipse occurs when?

Answer: The earth comes between the sun and the moon
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