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9301. Who built the Grant Trunk Road?

Answer: Sher Shah Suri

9302. The remnants of the Vijayanagar Empire is found in?

Answer: Humpi

9303. Who is the "Father of Indian Civil Service"?

Answer: Cornwallis

9304. The first Viceroy of the British India was?

Answer: Canning

9305. Who passed the notorious Vernacular Press Act?

Answer: Lytton

9306. The capital of India was shifted to Delhi during the tenure of?

Answer: Hardinge

9307. Manikarnika was the real name of ?

Answer: Rani of Jhansi

9308. Who founded the Ramakrishna Mission?

Answer: Swami Vivekananda

9309. Who was "Frontier Gandhi"?

Answer: Khan Abdul Gafar Khan

9310. With which agitation is Gandhiji"s Do or Die slogan associated with?

Answer: Quit India Movement

9311. Which war resulted in the fall of the Dutch in India?

Answer: Kulachal War of 1741

9312. Who was the architect of Kochi Port?

Answer: Robert Bristo

9313. The birthday of Swami Vivekananda is observed as ?

Answer: National Youth Day (January 12)

9314. Who founded Banares Hindu University?

Answer: Madanmohan Malavya

9315. Who raised the slogan "Dili Chalo"?

Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose

9316. Who is known as "Indian Einstein" ?

Answer: Nagarjuna

9317. Who was the first disciple of Mahavira?

Answer: Jamali

9318. The Indus people buried dead bodies with the heads pointed towards ..........?

Answer: North

9319. Who was known as "Second Ashoka" in recognition to his contribution to Buddhism?

Answer: Kanishka

9320. The only person to become President of India who had been defeated in a Presidential election previous ?

Answer: Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

9321. The first sermon of Buddha is known as .........?

Answer: Dharmachakra Pravarthan

9322. The Emperor who made Buddhism a world region?

Answer: Asoka

9323. The fourth Buddhist council was convened during the reign of .............?

Answer: Kanishka

9324. Ayurveda is an upaveda of ..........?

Answer: Atharva Veda

9325. The prime Minister who signed on Lahore Declaration with Nawaz Sherif of Pakistan?

Answer: A.B.Vajpayee

9326. The number of Mahajanapadas in the North India in the sixth century BC ?

Answer: 16

9327. The first biography of Budha, "Buddacharitha" was authored by ?

Answer: Aswaghosha

9328. Name the Indian President who translated "The Republic" of Plato?

Answer: Dr.Zakkir Hussain

9329. The suicide bomber who killed Rajiv Gandhi on 21st May 1991 ?

Answer: Thenmozhi Rajaratanam (Dhanu)

9330. Mahavira attained perfect knowledge at the age of ?

Answer: 42

9331. The first person appear on coins in Independent India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

9332. Humayun ascended the Mughal throne in ?

Answer: 1530

9333. Akbar enuciated Tauhit-i-llahi-divine monotheism in ?

Answer: 1582

9334. The real name of Birbal?

Answer: Mahesh Das

9335. The year of second Battle of Tarain in which Pritvi Raj Chauhan was defeated by Muhammad Ghori which led to the foundation of Muslim rule in India?

Answer: 1192

9336. The famous musician lived in the court of Akbar ?

Answer: Tansen

9337. The Mugal prince who was defeated by Aurangazeb and fled of Arakan Hills where he was killed by Magh tribe ?

Answer: Shuja

9338. Harisena was the court poet of ..........?

Answer: Samudragupta

9339. The most famous Kushana ruler ?

Answer: Kanishka

9340. The most important Chera King ?

Answer: Chenkuttuvan

9341. Nagarjunakonda is in the state of ?

Answer: Andra Pradesh

9342. Who wrote "Milinda Panho"?

Answer: Nagarjuna

9343. The place of worship of Buddhists ?

Answer: Pagoda

9344. The Gupta King who was called "Indian Napoleon" by the famous historian Vincent A Smith?

Answer: Samudragupta

9345. The most famous Parthian King in Indian History?

Answer: Gondophernes

9346. Who succeeded Muhammad Bin Tughlaq ?

Answer: Feroz Shah Tughlaq

9347. In which day Gandhiji was assassinated?

Answer: Friday

9348. Who was the leader of Dharma Sabha which has the chief objective to counter act the propaganda of Brahma Samaj?

Answer: Radhakant Dev

9349. The real name of Nur Jahan?

Answer: Mehrunnisa

9350. What was the name of the wife of Vardhamana Mahavira?

Answer: Yasoda
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