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8651. Where is the headquarters of the ISRO?

Answer: Banglore

8652. Name the Marketing agency under the Government which controls markets of ISRO"s hardware, manpower and software?

Answer: Antrix Corporation

8653. Which is India"s indigenous Satellite Based Regional GPS Augmentation System?

Answer: GAGAN

8654. Which was India"s first experimental satellite?

Answer: Aryabhata

8655. Which was India"s first Earth Observational Satellite?

Answer: Bhaskara-1

8656. Which was India"s first Geo Stationary Satellite?

Answer: APPLE (Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment)

8657. Which was India"s first Space Mission?

Answer: SROSS - 1 (Stretched Rohini Satellite Series)

8658. Which was first Indian communication satellite?

Answer: APPLE

8659. Which was the first in the series of exclusive meteorological satellites built by ISRO?

Answer: KALPANA - 1

8660. Which was India"s first dedicated "Educational Satellite"?

Answer: EDUSAT (GSAT-3)

8661. Which Was India"s first Moon Mission?

Answer: Chandrayaan - 1

8662. Which is the first pico-satellite developed in India?

Answer: Student Satellite (STUDSAT)

8663. What is the name of the nano satellite developed by IIT Kanpur?

Answer: Jugnu

8664. Which was the first satellite built by an Indian University?

Answer: ANUSAT (Anna University)

8665. Which was the first satellite launched from India?

Answer: ROHINI

8666. Which was the first experimental Remote Sensing Satellite built in India?

Answer: Bhaskara - 1

8667. Which is the Indo-French joint Satellite Mission for studying the water cycle and energy exchanges in the tropics?

Answer: Megha-Tropiques

8668. Which was India"s first experimental Satellite Launching Vehicle?

Answer: SLV - 3 (18th July 1980)

8669. Which vehicle was used in the launching of Chandrayaan-1?

Answer: PSLV C-11

8670. ISRO launched the first Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-1) in the year?

Answer: 10th January 2007

8671. Where is ISRO Satellite Center located?

Answer: Banglore

8672. Which was the first rocket launched in India?

Answer: Nike Apache (Thumba, Kerala; 21st November 1963)

8673. Which is the heaviest satellite launched from India?

Answer: INSAT-4CR (2007)

8674. How long Chandrayaan-1 was operational?

Answer: 312 Days (Till August28, 2009)

8675. "A Gift of Monotheists " authored by

Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

8676. "A Nation is Making " authored by

Answer: Surendra Nath Bandhopadhyaya

8677. "A Strange and Sblime Address " authored by

Answer: Amit Choudhary

8678. "All the Prime Minister"s Men " authored by

Answer: Janadan Takur

8679. "A Voice of Freedom " authored by

Answer: Nayantara Shehgal

8680. "Autobiography of an Unknown Indian " authored by

Answer: Nirad.C.Choudhary

8681. "A Passage to England " authored by

Answer: Nirad.C.Choudhary

8682. "Crisis of India " authored by

Answer: Ronal Segal

8683. "Causes of Indian Mutiny " authored by

Answer: Syed Ahmed Khan

8684. "Ghulam Giri " authored by

Answer: Jyothiba Phule

8685. "Hind Swaraj " authored by

Answer: Gandhiji

8686. "Hindu view of Life " authored by

Answer: Dr.S.Radhakrishnan

8687. "I follow the Mahatma " authored by

Answer: K.M.Munshi

8688. "In an Antique Land " authored by

Answer: Amitabh Gosh

8689. "Indian Divided " authored by

Answer: Rajedra Prassad

8690. "India Wins Freedom " authored by

Answer: Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

8691. "Life Divine " authored by

Answer: Aurabindo Ghosh

8692. "Pather Panchali " authored by

Answer: Bibhuti Bhushan Bandhopadhyaya

8693. "Prison Diary " authored by

Answer: Jayaprakash Narayan

8694. "Provery and Un-British Rule in India " authored by

Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji

8695. "The Discovery of India " authored by

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

8696. "The Indian Struggle " authored by

Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose

8697. Where was the first cricket club in India was established in 1792 ?

Answer: Calcutta

8698. In which year India Played the first Test Cricket match?

Answer: 1932

8699. Against which team India played its first Test Cricket match?

Answer: England

8700. Which was the venue of India"s first Test Cricket Match?

Answer: Lord"s
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