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56251. India"s Directive Principles have been inspired by theDirective Principles given in the Constitution of and also by the principles of Gandhism, and relate to socialjustice, economic welfare, foreign policy, and legal and administrativematters.

Answer: Ireland

56252. It was in 1934 that the idea of a Constituent Assembly forIndia was put forward for the first time by--------a pioneer of communist movementin India and an advocate of radical democracy?

Answer: M.N.Roy

56253. ----------- Article empowers the Parliament to admit into theUnion of India, or establish, new states on such terms and conditions as itthinks fit?

Answer: Article2

56254. Which Article of the Indian Constitutionconfers the right to remedies for the enforcement of the fundamental rights ofan aggrieved citizen?

Answer: Article32

56255. The President of India can be removed from his office by the-------

Answer: Parliament

56256. The Current Chairman of Central Information Commission............

Answer: VijaySharma

56257. Who is the new Chairman of Central Vigilance Commission?

Answer: K.V.Choudary

56258. The minimum age for a person to become a member of Rajya Sabha is30 years. The minimum qualifying age for membership of the Lok Sabhais----------?

Answer: 25years

56259. The President of India has the power to declare three types ofemergency. They are National Emergency, State Emergency and-------.

Answer: FinancialEmergency

56260. Who certifies Money Bills and decides on money matters by reasonof the Lok Sabah’s overriding powers in financial matters?

Answer: Speakerof Lok Sabha

56261. Which constitution inspired details on the independence ofjudiciary, judicial review, fundamental rights, and the removal of SupremeCourt and High Court judges in the Indian Constitution?

Answer: U.S.Constitution

56262. Who authorized to conduct elections to Local SelfInstitutions?

Answer: DistrictCollector

56263. What is the name for a British socialist organization whosepurpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist andreformist, rather than revolutionary means?

Answer: Society

56264. Which Article deals with procedure of amendment of theconstitution of India?

Answer: Article364

56265. Who is the Constitutional Head of the State……….?

Answer: Governor

56266. What is the term for the doctrine under which legislative andexecutive actions are subject to review by the judiciary and is an example ofthe separation of powers in a modem governmental system?

Answer: JudicialReview

56267. ‘Prachina Malayalam’ was authored by:

Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

56268. What was the court language of Mughals?

Answer: Persian

56269. When was the first Atom Bomb exploded?

Answer: 1945

56270. In which year was the first General Elections (afterindependence) in India took place?

Answer: 1952

56271. In which year ``Quit India"" Movement was launched by IndianNational Congress?

Answer: 1942

56272. Goa was liberated on

Answer: 1961

56273. In which year did Asoka conquer Kalinga?

Answer: 261 BC

56274. In which year was Bangladesh Liberated?

Answer: 1971

56275. In which year East India Company was established?

Answer: 1600 AD

56276. In which year was Jesus Christ Born?

Answer: BC 4

56277. Ajanta paintings depicts scenes from?

Answer: Jataka tales

56278. In which year was Martin Luthar King Assassinated?

Answer: 1968

56279. Pushyabhuti dynasty ruled over?

Answer: Thaneswar

56280. In which year Portuguese captured Goa?

Answer: 1510 AD

56281. In which year was Jesus Christ Crucified?

Answer: 33 AD

56282. The partition of Bengal was carried out under therule of ............?

Answer: Lord Curzon

56283. Emperor Kanishka belonged to ........... dynasty?

Answer: Kushan

56284. Megasthenes visited India during the reign of?

Answer: Chandra Gupta Maurya

56285. The first women ruler of Delhi was?

Answer: Razia Sultana

56286. The Capital of Pallavas?

Answer: Kanchi

56287. Who was generally known as ``Indian Napolean""?

Answer: Samudragupta

56288. Whose reign in Ancient India is known as ``The GoldenAge""?

Answer: Shahjahan

56289. The Slogan ``Jai Jawan Jai Kisan"" was launched bywhom?

Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

56290. The first Viceroy of India was....?

Answer: Lord Canning

56291. Hampi was the Capital of......?

Answer: Vijayanagar Empire

56292. The first partition of Bengal was held on?

Answer: 1905

56293. Who built the famous Taj Mahal in Agra?

Answer: Shahjahan

56294. Who founded Brahmo Samaj?

Answer: Rajaram Mohan Roy

56295. In which year the first Sikh War took Place?

Answer: 1845

56296. In which year Tashket agreement was signed?

Answer: 1966

56297. In which year Alexander"s Invasion of India took place?

Answer: 326 BC

56298. In which year India was invaded by Timur?

Answer: 1398

56299. Who founded Khilji Dynasty?

Answer: Jalaluddin Khilji

56300. The fist battle of Panipat was fought between?

Answer: and Ibrahim Lodhi
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