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54501. PrimeMinister Narendra Modi will launch the “Stand up India” scheme, aimed atproviding credit to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and women borrowers, on

Answer: April 5 Tuesday.

54502. Which ofthe following becomes the first Indian state to link all government collegesand medical colleges to the national cancer grid ?

Answer: Maharashtra

54503. The WorldAutism Awareness Day is observed on which date?

Answer: 42827

54504. TheJapanese badminton player who has won the Yonex Sunrise India Open badmintontournament men"s singles defeating Viktor Axelsen of Denmark in the finals

Answer: Kento Momota

54505. Which twocountries agreed to build a bridge across Red Sea and.........?

Answer: Saudi Arabia

54506. WhichIndian personality was recently bestowed with the Saudi Arabia’s highestcivilian honour “the King Abdulaziz Sash”?

Answer: Narendra Modi

54507. -------,a Dominica-born British lawyer, was appointed as the Commonwealth"s newSecretary General, becoming the first woman to occupy the post in the 53-memberblock"s history.

Answer: Patricia Scotland

54508. Thecenter has approved which of the following state’s Tourism’s coastal circuitproject under the “Swadesh Darshan Scheme” ?

Answer: Goa

54509. World’sfirst ‘White Tiger Safari’ has opened in which state of India?

Answer: MadhyaPradesh

54510. Thevenue of International Conference on the Zero held on 05 April 2016 with theUnion HRD Minister Smriti Irani unveiling a bust of mathematician-

Answer: Astronomer Aryabhatta

54511. Whichcompany successfully landed its rocket on a floating drone ship for the firsttime –

Answer: SpaceX

54512. Which ofthe following is the newly introduced fully unreserved, superfast train inIndia?

Answer: Antyodaya Express

54513. Aadhaarenabled Payment system facilitate disbursements of Government entitlements likeNREGA, Social Security pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension etc. of any Centralor State Government bodies, using Aadhaar and authentication thereof assupported by UIDAI .


54514. Inaccordance with the “The Yearbook” published by UNIDO, India has been ranked atwhich position in the list of world’s 10 largest manufacturing countries ?

Answer: 6th

54515. Which ofthe following tournament celebrated its silver jubilee on April 6, 2016?

Answer: Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

54516. Thetheme of India Water Week being observed in the country from 04 to 08 April2016 with Israel as partner country

Answer: Water for all: Striving together

54517. Recently, which of the following Indian bank has launched a virtual queuingmobile application that will help customers save on time ?

Answer: SBI

54518. TheUnion Territory which has been declared kerosene-free from 01 April 16 with thestoppage of susbsidised kerosene to its residents

Answer: Chandigarh

54519. Who tookover as Chairman of Central Administrative Tribunal

Answer: Justice (retd) Permod Kohli

54520. Theworld’s first mass dengue vaccination programme has been launched by which country?

Answer: Philippines

54521. How manyMoU’s were signed between India and Saudi Arabia during the visit of PrimeMinster Narendra Modi ?

Answer: 5

54522. Thevenue of fourth Nuclear Security Summit held from 31 Mar to 01 Apr 2016, Indiarepresented by its Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Answer: Washington D.C.

54523. Whichactor of bollywood launched a book "The Kiss of Life"

Answer: Emraan Hashmi

54524. Firstindigenously developed sonar dome of India was flagged off by -

Answer: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar

54525. India’sfirst Aadhaar enabled ATM has been launched by which bank?

Answer: DCB Bank

54526. Recently, President Pranab Mukherjee has implemented the Appropriation (Vote onAccount) Ordinance, 2016 for which of the following Indian state?

Answer: Uttarakhand

54527. Who isappointed as Chairman for NASSCOM for 2016-2017

Answer: CPGurnani

54528. Who isthe newly elected President of Vietnam?

Answer: Tran Dai Quang

54529. International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance observes on which of thefollowing date ?

Answer: 42829

54530. MyanmarParliament approved Bill to grant PM-like role to whom

Answer: San Suu Kyi

54531. Whichmobile app has been recently launched by Union Government to empower commonpeople to demand 24×7 Power?

Answer: Vidyut Pravah

54532. ThePrime Minister recently presented a replica of Cheraman Juma Masjid to the Kingof Saudi Arabia. The mosque is located in –

Answer: Kerala

54533. TheNational Maritime Day of India is celebrated on which day?

Answer: 42830

54534. Which fastest train of India flagged off -

Answer: Gatimaan Express

54535. Whatis the maximum speed of the India’s first semi high-speed train “GatimaanExpress”?

Answer: 160 kmph

54536. The 2016Water Film Festival has started in which city of India?

Answer: New Delhi

54537. April 5is observed as Samta Diwas which is the birth anniversary of -

Answer: Babu Jagjeevan Ram

54538. MossackFonseca & Co., which was recently in news, is a company from which country?

Answer: Panama

54539. Who haswon 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix -

Answer: Rosberg

54540. What isthe theme of 2016 World Health Day (WHD)?

Answer: Beat Diabetes

54541. Who tookoath as first woman Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir -

Answer: Mehbooba

54542. Who isthe newly appointed Prime Minister of Iceland?

Answer: Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson

54543. Whichorganization acquired UPI-based payments start-up PhonePe –

Answer: Flipkart

54544. Thefirst-ever North East-ASEAN Business Summit was hosted by which city of India?

Answer: Imphal

54545. Whichcommittee has been recently constituted to monitor Government Advertisements?

Answer: B B Tandon committee

54546. UnionGovernment notifies which new rules in 2016 –

Answer: Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules

54547. The 2016 Asia Ministerial Conference on TigerConservation is to be held in which city of India?

Answer: New Delhi

54548. Which country signed pact on Ganga Rejuvenation ?

Answer: Germany

54549. Which of the following has broken the world record oflongest dance performance by continuously dancing for 123 hours and 30 minutes?

Answer: Soni Chaurasiya

54550. The country which has won the Sultan Azlan Shah hockeytournament for the 9th time defeating India in the finals

Answer: Australia
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