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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1037

51851. Who was written the book ‘My Experiments with Truth’?

Answer: M.K.Gandhi

51852. The border line between India and China is known as

Answer: Mc.Mahon Line

51853. Which was the first talkie film?

Answer: Alam Ara

51854. What is the name of first Supercomputer made in India?

Answer: PARAM

51855. Thermometer was invented by

Answer: Galileo Galilei

51856. Birju Maharaj is a famous ……..dancer

Answer: Kathak

51857. Major R.S.Rathore won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in ……..event

Answer: Shooting

51858. The number of members in the legislative Assembly of Karnataka is

Answer: 225

51859. The number of districts in Karnataka is

Answer: 27

51860. The state which contributes about 70% of the Indias coffee and silk is

Answer: Karnataka

51861. The price of Meghdoot post card is

Answer: Rs.0.25

51862. Which country is having the largest number of post offices in the world?

Answer: India

51863. What is the National Flower of India?

Answer: Lotus

51864. Vande Mataram was composed by

Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

51865. Which is the most widely grown fruit in India?

Answer: Mango

51866. What is the name of India’s first satellite?

Answer: Aryabhatta

51867. What are the hills surrounding Nainital Known as

Answer: Kumaon Hills

51868. When something burns,which gas is used up?

Answer: Oxygen

51869. Identify the odd one out among the following

Answer: Kochi

51870. Find the missing number in the series 68,81,96,……….132

Answer: 113

51871. Bark is to tree as scales are to

Answer: Fish

51872. If PROMOTION is written in certain coded message as QSp89 then what will be the code for DEMOTION?

Answer: EF89

51873. A school must have

Answer: Teachers

51874. Which one is different from other three

Answer: crockery

51875. In a class of 20 students the average age is 16 years.If the age of the class teacher is added to that of students,the average age of the class becomes 17 years.What is the age of the teacher?

Answer: 37

51876. If SOAP=16 and TOWEL=25,then BATHROOM will be

Answer: 64

51877. Which one of the following has a similar relationship as

Answer: water:clouds

51878. Select a number to replace the question mark 15,18,3,6,?,9,23,35,12

Answer: 15

51879. Short Cut key for Document set up:

Answer: ----------

51880. Which reflects back more sunlight as compared to other three ?

Answer: Land covered with fresh snow

51881. On which date India became a Sovereign, democratic republic?

Answer: 18289

51882. When is International Day of Peace, recognized by the UN is observed?

Answer: 42999

51883. Which factory in Bengal, the was established by the Portuguese?

Answer: Hoogly

51884. During the proclamation of National Emergency which articls can not be suspended?

Answer: Articles 20 and 21

51885. In order of their distances from the Sun, which planet lie between Mars and Uranus?

Answer: Jupiter and Saturn

51886. Which saint name is associated with Shivaji ?

Answer: Ram Das

51887. Which Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes issued by the RBI has “ecology” depicted on it ?

Answer: Rs. 100

51888. In fireworks, how is the green flame produced?

Answer: Because of barium

51889. During the Indian Freedom struggle, who started a journal “The Indian Sociologist” ?

Answer: Shyamji Krishna Varma

51890. Water will be absorbed by root hairs, then how is when the external medium?

Answer: Hypotonic

51891. Who is the present CMD of State Bank of India?

Answer: Smt. Arundhati Bhattacharya

51892. Who is the present Managing Director of State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur?

Answer: Shri. B.Sriram, MD

51893. Who is the present Managing Director of State Bank of Hyderabad?

Answer: Shri. M Bhagavantha Rao

51894. Who is the present Managing Director of State Bank of Mysore?

Answer: Shri. Sharad Sharma

51895. Who is the present Managing Director of State Bank of Patiala?

Answer: Shri. Ramesh Ranga

51896. Who is the present Managing Director of State Bank of Travancore?

Answer: Shri. Jeevandas Narayan

51897. Who is the present CMD of Allahabad Bank?

Answer: Smt. S.A. Panse

51898. Who is the present CMD of Andhra Bank?

Answer: Shri. C.V.R. Rajendran

51899. Who is the present CMD of Bank of Baroda?

Answer: Shri. S.S. Mundra

51900. Who is the present CMD of Bank of India?

Answer: Smt. Vijayalakshmi R. Iyer
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