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51801. What is meant by Satanophobia ?

Answer: Fear of Satan

51802. What is meant by Scotophobia ?

Answer: Fear of darkness(Achluophobia)

51803. What is meant by Seplophobia ?

Answer: Fear of decaying matter

51804. What is meant by Sesquipedalophobia ?

Answer: Fear of long words

51805. What is meant by Siderophobia ?

Answer: Fear of stars

51806. What is meant by Sinistrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of things to the left or left handed

51807. What is meant by Sinophobia ?

Answer: Fear of Chinese,Chinese culture

51808. What is meant by Sitophobia or Sitiophobia ?

Answer: Fear of food or eating(Cibophobia)

51809. What is meant by Snakephobia ?

Answer: Fear of snakes(Ophidiophobia)

51810. What is meant by Soceraphobia ?

Answer: Fear of parents-in-law

51811. What is meant by Somniphobia ?

Answer: Fear of sleep

51812. What is meant by Sophophobia ?

Answer: Fear of learning

51813. What is meant by Spectrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of specters or ghosts

51814. What is meant by Staurophobia ?

Answer: Fear of crosses or the crucifix

51815. What is meant by Tachophobia ?

Answer: Fear of speed

51816. What is meant by Taurophobia ?

Answer: Fear of bulls

51817. What is meant by Testophobia ?

Answer: Fear of taking tests

51818. What is meant by Textophobia ?

Answer: Fear of certain fabrics

51819. What is meant by Thaasophobia ?

Answer: Fear of sitting

51820. What is meant by Thalassophobia ?

Answer: Fear of the sea

51821. What is meant by Thanatophobia or Thantophobia ?

Answer: Fear of death or dying

51822. What is meant by Tonitrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of thunder

51823. What is meant by Toxiphobia or Toxophobia or Toxicophobia ?

Answer: Fear of poison or of being accidentally poisoned

51824. What is meant by Triskaidekaphobia ?

Answer: Fear of the number 13

51825. What is meant by Tyrannophobia ?

Answer: Fear of tyrants

51826. What is meant by Verbophobia ?

Answer: Fear of words

51827. What is meant by Vestiophobia ?

Answer: Fear of clothing

51828. What is meant by Xanthophobia ?

Answer: Fear of the colour yellow or the word yellow

51829. What is meant by Xerophobia ?

Answer: Fear of dryness

51830. What is meant by Xyrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of razors

51831. What is meant by Zelophobia ?

Answer: Fear of jealousy

51832. What is meant by Zeusophobia ?

Answer: Fear of God or gods

51833. Choose the correct alternative:A lunatic lives in an ………..whereas monks live in a……..

Answer: asylum,monastery

51834. A gathering of persons assembled for the purpose of hearing a speaker is called

Answer: Audience

51835. The collective noun for a group of solidiers is called

Answer: regiment

51836. A person who travels in a spacecraft

Answer: Astronaut

51837. As buy as a

Answer: bee

51838. One word for the group of words printed in italics in the following sentence:These goods have been secretly and illegally brought in to the country

Answer: smuggled

51839. A person who abstains from alcoholic drinks

Answer: teetotaler

51840. A rolling stone gathers no…….

Answer: moss

51841. Papers,pencils,pens etc are collectively called

Answer: Stationery

51842. Numismatics is the study of

Answer: coins

51843. Which of the following is divisible by 17(ie reminder=0)

Answer: 4328727

51844. If a car covers 60 km at 30 km per hour and the next 120 km at 60 km per hour,what is the average speed of the car over the entire distance of 180 km?

Answer: 45 kmph

51845. 5 m,how much water can it hold?

Answer: 904.05m cube

51846. A women buys ten dozen of oranges for Rs.120 and sells them at four for Rs.5,what is her profit?

Answer: 0.25

51847. A man spends 2210 and saves 15% of his income.His income is

Answer: Rs.2600

51848. If the angles of a triangle are 70 degree and 40 degree the third angle is

Answer: 70 Degree

51849. At what price must she sell the radio-set to gain 12%profit

Answer: Rs.840

51850. Who was the first Indian to win Nobel prize?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
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