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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1010

50501. Which place is known as City of temples ?

Answer: Varanasi

50502. Which place is known as Manchester of the north ?

Answer: Kanpur

50503. Which place is known as City of Rallies ?

Answer: New Delhi

50504. Which place is known as Heaven of India ?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

50505. Which place is known as Boston of India ?

Answer: Ahmedabad

50506. Which place is known as Garden of spices of India ?

Answer: Kerala

50507. Which place is known as Switzerland of India ?

Answer: Kashmir

50508. Which place is known as Abode of the God ?

Answer: Prayag (Allahabad)

50509. Which place is known as Pittsburg of India ?

Answer: Jamshedpur

50510. What is meant by Acrophobia, Altophobia ?

Answer: Fear of heights

50511. What is meant by Agoraphobia ?

Answer: Fear of a place or event where escape is impossible or when help is unavailable

50512. What is meant by Ailurophobia ?

Answer: Fear of cats

50513. What is meant by Algophobia ?

Answer: Fear of pain

50514. What is meant by Amaxophobia ?

Answer: Fear of vehicles, driving

50515. What is meant by Androphobia ?

Answer: Fear of males

50516. What is meant by Anthropomorphobia ?

Answer: Fear or dislike of anthropomorphic traits

50517. What is meant by Apiphobia, Melissophobia ?

Answer: Fear of bees

50518. What is meant by Aquaphobia, Hydrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of water

50519. What is meant by Arachnophobia ?

Answer: Fear of spiders

50520. What is meant by Astraphobia, Astrapophobia, Brontophobia, Keraunophobia ?

Answer: Fear of thunder, lightning and storms; especially common in young children

50521. What is meant by Autophobia, Monophobia ?

Answer: Fear of being alone

50522. What is meant by Aviophobia, Aviatophobia ?

Answer: Fear of flying

50523. What is meant by Bacillophobia, Bacteriophobia, Microbiophobia ?

Answer: Fear of microbes and bacteria

50524. What is meant by Batrachophobia ?

Answer: Fear of frogs, amphibians

50525. What is meant by Biphobia ?

Answer: Fear of bisexuals

50526. What is meant by Blennophobia ?

Answer: Fear of slime

50527. What is meant by Bovophobia ?

Answer: Fear of cattle

50528. What is meant by Carcinophobia ?

Answer: Fear of cancer

50529. What is meant by Chiroptophobia ?

Answer: Fear of bats

50530. What is meant by Cibophobia,Sitophobia ?

Answer: Aversion to food

50531. What is meant by Claustrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of confined spaces

50532. What is meant by Clinophobia ?

Answer: Fear of going to bed or falling asleep

50533. What is meant by Coulrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of clowns

50534. What is meant by Cynophobia ?

Answer: Fear of dogs

50535. What is meant by Dental phobia, Dentophobia, Odontophobia ?

Answer: Fear of dentists and dental procedures

50536. What is meant by Dementophobia ?

Answer: Fear of insanity

50537. What is meant by Dromophobia ?

Answer: Fear of crossing streets

50538. What is meant by Dysmorphophobia, or body dysmorphic disorder A phobic obsession with a real or imaginary body defect ?

Answer: Emetophobia

50539. What is meant by Fear of vomiting ?

Answer: Entomophobia

50540. What is meant by Fear of insects ?

Answer: Ephebophobia

50541. What is meant by Fear of youth or adolescents ?

Answer: Equinophobia, Hippophobia

50542. What is meant by Fear of horses ?

Answer: Ergasiophobia, Ergophobia

50543. What is meant by Fear of work or functioning, or a surgeon’s ?

Answer: Fear of operating

50544. What is meant by Erotophobia ?

Answer: Fear of sexual love or sexual questions

50545. What is meant by Erythrophobia ?

Answer: Pathological blushing

50546. What is meant by Genophobia, Coitophobia ?

Answer: Fear of sexual intercourse

50547. What is meant by Gephyrophobia ?

Answer: Fear of crossing bridges

50548. What is meant by Gerontophobia ?

Answer: Fear of growing old or a hatred of old people

50549. What is meant by Glossophobia ?

Answer: Fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak

50550. What is meant by Gymnophobia, Nudophobia ?

Answer: Fear of nudity
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