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50051. Scientific Name of Viola wittrockiana ?

Answer: Paper Bark Maple

50052. Scientific Name of Acer griseum ?

Answer: Paper Or Canoe Birch Betula papyrifera

50053. Scientific Name of Paperbush ?

Answer: Edgeworthia chrysantha

50054. Scientific Name of Parney Cotoneaster ?

Answer: Cotoneaster lacteus (parneyi)

50055. Scientific Name of Parsley ?

Answer: Petroselinum crispum

50056. Scientific Name of Pasque Flower ?

Answer: Anemone pulsatilla

50057. Scientific Name of Passion Flower,Blue Crow ?

Answer: Passiflora caerulea

50058. Scientific Name of Passion ?

Answer: Passiflora pfordtii

50059. Scientific Name of Paul"s Scarlet Hawthorn ?

Answer: Crataegus oxycantha "Paulii"

50060. Scientific Name of Peace Lily ?

Answer: Spathiphyllum spp.

50061. Scientific Name of Pear, Flowering ?

Answer: Pyrus calleryana

50062. Scientific Name of Pearlbush ?

Answer: Exochorda x macrantha

50063. Scientific Name of Pearly Everlasting ?

Answer: Anaphalis margaritacea

50064. Scientific Name of Peegee Hydrangea ?

Answer: Hydrangea panicul. "Grandiflora"

50065. Scientific Name of Penstemon, Beard Tongue ?

Answer: Penstemon species

50066. Scientific Name of Peony, Bush ?

Answer: Paeonia lactiflora

50067. Scientific Name of Peony, ?

Answer: Paeonia suffruticosa

50068. Scientific Name of Peperomia ?

Answer: Peperomia spp.

50069. Scientific Name of Pepper Bush, Tasmanian ?

Answer: Drimys lanceolata

50070. Scientific Name of Pepper, Ornamental ?

Answer: Capsicum

50071. All Seasons State

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

50072. Blue Mountains

Answer: Nilgiri

50073. City of Palaces

Answer: Calcutta

50074. City of Golden Temple

Answer: Amritsar

50075. Garden City of India

Answer: Bangalore

50076. Gateway of India

Answer: Mumbai

50077. Granary of India

Answer: Punjab

50078. Land of Five Rivers

Answer: Punjab

50079. Pearl of the Orient

Answer: Goa

50080. Pink City

Answer: Jaipur

50081. Lake City

Answer: Udaipur

50082. Switzerland of India

Answer: Kashmir

50083. Paradise on Earth

Answer: Kashmir

50084. Mini-Switzerland in India

Answer: Khajjar, Himachal Pradesh

50085. Sorrow of Bengal

Answer: River Damodar

50086. Sorrow of Bihar

Answer: River Kosi

50087. Sorrow of Assam

Answer: Brahmaputra

50088. Spice Garden of India

Answer: Kerala

50089. Sugar Bowl of India

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

50090. Tea Garden of India

Answer: Assam

50091. Detroit of India

Answer: Pitampur

50092. Land of Sunrise in India

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

50093. Manchester of South India

Answer: Coimbatore

50094. Manchester of India

Answer: Ahmadabad

50095. Mini Switzerland

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

50096. City of Orange

Answer: Nagpur

50097. Weavers City of India

Answer: Panipat

50098. Silicon Valley of India

Answer: Bangalore

50099. Clouds of House

Answer: Meghalaya

50100. Gods own land of India

Answer: Kerala
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