International Organisation 2


*The organisation founded to protect human life and health and to prevent and alleviate human suffering
Ans : Red Cross
*Came into force in
Ans : 1863
Ans : Henry Dunant
Ans : Geneva
Ans : With Humanity towards Peace
Ans : A Red Cross in white background
*Indian Red Cross Society came into force in
Ans : 1920
*Headquarters of Indian Red Cross Society
Ans : New Delhi
*World Red Cross Day
Ans : May 8
*Red Cross got the Nobel Prize for Peace in
Ans : 1917,1944 and 1963
*The organisation which got most number of Nobel Prize for Peace
Ans : Red Cross
*The battle which caused the formation of Red Cross
Ans : Battle of Solferino (1859)
*Red Cross is known in Islamic states as 
Ans : Red Crescent
*New emblem which was approved by Red Cross in 2005 
Ans : Red Crystal


*BRICS came into force in 
Ans : 2009
*Members of BRIC when it came into force 
Ans : Four (Britain, Russia, India and China) 
*Last country to join BRICS 
Ans : South Africa (2010)
*BRIC was renamed as BRICS in 
Ans : 2011
*BRICS Bank is known as
Ans : New Development Bank 
*The headquarters of BRICS Bank 
Ans : Shanghai (China)
*BRICS Bank treaty was signed on 
Ans : July 15,2014
*The meeting in which the treaty was signed
Ans : Fortaleza (Brazil)
*The treaty came into force in
Ans : 2015
*First Indian to be appointed as the President of BRICS Bank
Ans : K.V.Kamath


* 1st Summit - 2009 - Russia 
* 6th Summit - 2014 - Fortaleza 
* 7th Summit - 2015 - Ufa (Russia) 
* 8th Summit - 2016 - Goa 
* 9th Summit - 2017 - Xiamen (China)


*An intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation
Ans : Interpol
*Founded on
Ans : September 7,1923
Ans : Lyon (France)
*Interpol is represented in India by
Ans : CBI
*The name Interpol was officially accepted in
Ans : 1956
*First Indian to be selected to the Interpol
Ans : F.V.Arul


*Founded in 
Ans : 1971
Ans : Amsterdam (Netherlands)
*Founded at
Ans : Vancouver(Canada)
*The organisation which is known as Environment Commandos
Ans : Green Peace
*The ships owned by the Green peace
Ans : Rainbow Warrior and Arctic Sunrise


Ans : London
*IMO came into force in
Ans : 1948
*IMO was established at
Ans : Geneva
*First meeting of IMO was held in
Ans : 1959
*Former name of IMO
Ans : Inter governmental Maritime Consultative Organisation
*A specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping
Ans : IMO



*Founded by
Ans : Robert S.Baden Powell
*Came into force in
Ans : 1907
*A movement that aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development 
Ans : Scouts
*World Scouts Bureau is situated at 
Ans : Geneva
*Slogan of Scouts Movement 
Ans : Be Prepared
*The organisation which was formed in 1910 for girls 
Ans : Guides
*The headquarters of Bharat Scouts and Guides
Ans : New Delhi (1950)


*Came into force in 
Ans : 1999
*The member countries in G-20 
Ans : 20
*The declaration caused to the formation of G-20
Ans : Brasilia Declaration 
*The countries signed in Brasilia Declaration 
Ans : India, Brazil and South Africa


*2014 - Brisbane (Australia) 
*2015 - Turkey 
*2016 - China
*2017 - Germany 
*2018 - Argentina


*The organisation started as a joint venture of South Asian Countries BIMSTEC
*BIMSTEC was formed in 
Ans : 1997
*Number of members in BIMSTEC 
Ans : Seven 
Ans : Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Co-operation


*Sri Lanka


*Founded in 
Ans : 1969
Ans : Lima
*Number of members of Andean Community 
Ans : Four
*Members of Andean Community
Ans : Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru
*The economic organisation of underdeveloped countries 
Ans : G-15 
*A joint venture of developing nations,designed to promote its members' collective economic interests to enhance a joint negotiation in UN
Ans : G-77
*United Nations Forum oh Forests was established in
Ans : 2000
*The organisation which supports democratization efforts around the world
Ans : United Nations Democracy Fund(UNDEF)
*The organisation founded by Wangari Maathai at Kenya
Ans : Green Belt
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