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1. Emoluments/Salary of which of the following dignitaries is exempt from income-tax?

2. Dr. Rajendra Prasad held the office of the president of india during the period?

3. The territorial extent of Indian States and union territories are prescribed in the?

4. Under which of the following articles it has been stated the "The question whether any and if so, what advice was tenderd by the president shall not be inquired by any Court?

5. In India how many sets of civil services have been provided?

6. The recommendations of the Finance Commission are?

7. The Constitution of Jummu and Kashmir came into force on?

8. The special status has been accorded to the state of Jummu & kashmir under?

9. The UPSC consists of a chairman and

10. The Zila Parishad is?

11. The member of panchayat are?

12. territory of India, where expediency so requires, can be ceded to a neighbouring counry?

13. For official work of the Govt. of India ,how long will the use of English language conntinue according to the Official Language act?

14. The lowest unit of the Panchayati Raj institution is?

15. Sindhi was added to the list of official languages in the English schedule by?

16. The theory of basic structure of constitution was propounded by the Supreme Court in?

17. Joint meetings can be held by two or more Zonal Councils. These meetings are presided oer by?

18. Which one of the following amendment has been described as a mini Constitution?

19. The Procedure for amendment of the Constituion can be intiated by

20. The Central Government's powers are enumerated in the?

21. Which of the following subjects is in the State List of the VII schedule of the Constitution?

22. Which of the following is contained in the Concurrent List?

23. Under which of the following articles it has been laid down that there shall be a council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advice the President in exercise of his functions?

24. The ordinary judges of the State High Court are appointed by the president in consultation with?I. The Chief Justice of the High CourtII. The Chief Justice of IndiaIII. The Governor of the state

25. The salary and other allowances of the Jusges of the High Courts are charged to?

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