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1. When is Girl Child Day celebrated?

2. When is World Heart Day celebrated?

3. When is Social Justice Day celebrated?

4. When is CSIR Foundation Day celebrated?

5. When is Day of the Deaf celebrated?

6. When is World Tourism Day celebrated?

7. When is Gunners Day celebrated?

8. When is International Day for the Elderly (UN) celebrated?

9. When is International Music Day celebrated?

10. When is National Voluntary Blood Donation Day celebrated?

11. When is Gandhi Jayanti celebrated?

12. When is International Non-violence Day celebrated?

13. When is Human Rights Protection Day celebrated?

14. When is Prisoner’s Day celebrated?

15. When is World Ostony Day celebrated?

16. When is World Wide Life Week (2-8) celebrated?

17. When is World Nature Day celebrated?

18. When is World Habitat Day celebrated?

19. When is International Mental Health Health Week (4-10) celebrated?

20. When is World Animal Welfare Day celebrated?

21. When is World Space Week(4-10) celebrated?

22. When is World Habitat Day; World Teacher’s Day celebrated?

23. When is World Wildlife Day celebrated?

24. When is Rapid Action Force Raising Day celebrated?

25. When is National Postal Week(9-14) celebrated?

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