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1. What reflects the quintessence of the constitution?

2. What is the subject matter of articles 346 and 347?

3. Which article provides a guaranteed remedy for the enforcement of fundamental rights?

4. Ayyankali organized the first planned peasant strike in Kerala at Venganoor in:

5. Who was the martyr of Paliyam Satyagraha?

6. Who was the founder of Sree Ramadasa Asramam?

7. The founder of Sabari Asram in Palakkad?

8. The first female Prime Minister of Greece?

9. Centre of gravity of a right circular cone of base radius r and height h from the base is:

10. The horizontal distance between the vertical joints in successive courses in brick work is called:

11. Knocking in a spark ignition engine is promoted by:

12. In a Delta connected three phase supply system phase current is given by:

13. The CPU gets the address of the next instruction to be executed from the :

14. Which are the articles dealing with the Centre-State Relations?

15. The Central Government has been created the National Green Tribunal on :

16. In which year Samkshepa Vedartham, the first book inMalayalam was published?

17. List out the odd one from the following options :

18. Who authored the work Ananda Sutral

19. Who wrote the pamphlet Zau-us-Saboh?

20. .In which years Kumara Guru was nominated to the Sri Mulam popular Assembly?

21. What was the name of the Madras Governor, who ordered the Travancore govt, to issue orders for permitting the Channar women to wear jacket and pinafore?

22. The first woman Chief Secretary of Kerala :

23. Who won the 'Global Indian of the Year’ award?

24. who won the Nobel Prize 2015 in Economics?Who won the Nobel Prize 2015 in Economics?

25. Who won the ‘Man of the Match’ award in the final match of the ICC World Twenty 20 in2016?

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