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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 77

3851. The largest of all lizards is the

3852. The largest known frog is the

3853. The longest known frog is the

3854. The longest insect in the world is the

3855. The fastest moving insect in the world is the

3856. The giant stick Insect is found in

3857. There are how many kinds of cat species in India

3858. The animal known as the river horse is the

3859. The elephant's trunk is actually a modified

3860. The diet of a gorilla is purely

3861. The only ape found in India is the

3862. The number of known species of mammals are

3863. The fish that can taste with its whole body is the

3864. The average weight of a blue whale is

3865. The most widely eaten fish in India is the

3866. The only fish that makes nest is the

3867. A group of peacocks are called a

3868. Gold fish originally belongs to

3869. Red panda is also known as the

3870. A female rabbit is called a

3871. A female horse is called a

3872. A female pig is called a

3873. The whale believed to be a fish,is actually a

3874. The organ which is missing in the Camel is the

3875. The Archer fish catches its flies by

3876. The smallest known fish is the

3877. The country which is the largest exporter of hippopotamuses in Europe is

3878. A bird which lays only one egg in two years is the

3879. The size of a newly born kangaroo is

3880. The only animal that sleeps on its back is

3881. The only animal which has four knees is the

3882. An animal which is dumb is the

3883. A frog catches insects with its

3884. The number of teeth a fox has is

3885. The smallest dog on earth is the

3886. A common domesticated animal which is colour-blind is the

3887. The largest seabird is the

3888. A group of eagles are called a

3889. A group of hares are called a

3890. A group of quail are called a

3891. A group of fish are called a

3892. A group of sheep are called a

3893. A group of wolves are called a

3894. A group of cattle are called a

3895. A group of gorillas are called a

3896. A group of elephants are called a

3897. The female of a stag are called a

3898. The male of a cow is called a

3899. The young of an elephant is called a

3900. The young one of a goat is called a

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