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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 7

351. The device used to measure wavelengths of radio waves is

352. A hollow metallic tube used in place of wire in electric circuits carrying high frequency currents is called

353. An instrument used to measure the intensity of radiations is the

354. An instrument used to measure electrical voltage is the

355. VTVM stands for

356. A circuit which maintains a constant voltage is called

357. SCR stands for

358. A device used to increase or decrease electric voltageis called a

359. A magnetic tape that records both audio and video signals is called a

360. The first electronic calculator was manufactured in 1963 by

361. MASER stands for

362. A computer which can handle a large volume of numbers is called a

363. POST stands for

364. POST is a test carried out just after the computer has been

365. An index of the files stored on a disk is called

366. CP/M stands for

367. CP/M was developed by

368. MVS stands for

369. MVS is used in

370. The process of starting a computer is called

371. A group of four binary digits is called a

372. BPI stands for

373. A smart card is a

374. LIPS stands for

375. A computerized machine is normally called a

376. A robot is a machine directed by a

377. A robot which resembles a human being is called an

378. PL/1 stands for

379. The language PL/1 has combined features of

380. BASIC stands for

381. COBOL stands for

382. ALGOL stands for

383. ALGOL was developed in the early 1960s in

384. COBOL was first introduced in the year

385. FORTRAN stands for

386. FORTRAN was developed and introduced by IBM in the year

387. PL/1 was introduced in the 1960s by

388. COMAL stands for

389. BASIC was developed by

390. SNOBOL stands for

391. SNOBOL was developed in

392. LISP stands for

393. LISP was developed by

394. Loud speaker was invented by

395. PROM stands for

396. Two types of RAM chips are

397. Data is fed into the computer by first converting it into

398. Google is

399. Where are programs and data to be used by the computer available

400. Computer follows a simple principle called GIGO which means

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