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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 631

31551. Chemical kinetics can predict the __________ of a chemical reaction.

31552. Which of the following fixes the volume of a batch reactor for a particular conversion and production rate ?

31553. Volume change for unimolecular type first order reaction , increases __________ with time.

31554. Half life period of decomposition of a liquid 'A' by irreversible first order reaction is 12 minutes. The time required for 75% conversion of 'A' is __________ minutes.

31555. Decomposition rate of a liquid 'X' which decomposes as per the reaction is given by

31556. With increase in the space time of an irreversible isothermal reaction being carried out in a P.F. reactor, the conversion will

31557. A catalyst promoter

31558. In case of a P.F.R., there

31559. For the non-catalytic reaction of particles with surrounding fluid, the time needed to achieve the same fractional conversion for particles of different but unchanging sizes is proportional to the square of particle diameter, when the __________ is the controlling resistance.

31560. If ΔG (free energy change) for a chemical reaction is very large and negative, then the reaction is

31561. In a zero order reaction, reactants concentration does not change with time and the

31562. The minimum energy required to allow a chemical reaction to proceed is termed as the 'threshold energy '. Chemical reaction with low activation energy are

31563. If Thiele modulus is __________ , then the pore diffusion resistance in a catalyst may be considered as negligible.

31564. From collison theory, the reaction rate constant is proportional to

31565. Catalytic action in a catalytic chemical reaction follows from the ability of catalyst to change the

31566. In Langmuir treatment of adsorption,

31567. Organic catalysts differ from the inorganic catalyst in the sense that the former is

31568. An endothermic aqueous phase first order irreversible reaction is carried out in an adiabatic plug flow reactor. The rate of reaction

31569. Garner vs Murray is applied in connection with

31570. For an ideal plug flow reactor, the value of Peclet number is

31571. An endothermic second order reaction is carried out in an adiabatic plug flow reactor. The rate of heat generation is

31572. Equilibrium of a chemical reaction as viewed by kinetics is a __________ state.

31573. The conversion in a mixed reactor/accomplishing a reaction A 3R is 50% when gaseous reactant 'A' is introduced at the rate of 1 litre/second and the leaving flow rate is 2 litres/second. The holding time for this operation is __________ second.

31574. The size of plug flow reactor (PFR) for all positive reaction orders and for any given duty, is __________ that of mixed reactor.

31575. A space time of 3 hours for a flow reactor means that

31576. If the time required for half change is inversely proportional to the square of initial concentration and the velocity depends on the units in which the concentration term is expressed, then the order of reaction is

31577. The experimentally determined overall order of the reaction, A + B C + D, is two. Then the

31578. In a continuous flow stirred tank reactor, the composition of the exit stream

31579. Recycling back of outlet stream to the reactor from an ideal CSTR carrying out a first order liquid phase reaction will result in __________ in conversion.

31580. The energy balance equation over a tubular reactor under transient conditions is

31581. Which of the following factors control the deactivation of a porous catalyst pellet ?

31582. For the reaction, A + B 2B + C,

31583. Transition state theory gives the rate constant as

31584. A liquid phase reaction is to be carried out under isothermal conditions. The reaction rate as a function of conversion has been determined experimentally and is shown in the figure given below. What choice of reactor or combination of reactors will require the minimum overall reactor volume, if a conversion of 0.9 is desired ?

31585. Cost of goods sold divided by average inventory gives

31586. In a reversible reaction, a catalyst increases the rate of forward reaction

31587. Maximum equilibrium conversion for endothermic reaction is obtained at the __________ temperature.

31588. When an exothermic reversible reaction is conducted adiabatically, the rate of reaction

31589. For a first order chemical reaction in a porous catalyst, the Thiele modulus is 10. The effectiveness factor is approximately equal to

31590. The rate equation for the reaction represented by, is given by - rx = K1 . Cx/(1 + K2 Cx). At high value of Cx (i.e.., K2Cx > > 1), the order of the reaction and the rate constant are respectively

31591. In solid catalysed reactions the diffusional effects are more likely to affect the overall rate of reaction for

31592. Helium-mercury method can be used to determine the __________ of the catalyst particle.

31593. For the chemical reaction X Y, it is observed that, on doubling the concentration of 'X', the reaction rate quadruples. If the reaction rate is proportional to Cxn, then what is the value of 'n' ?

31594. Chemical reaction rate of a component depends upon the

31595. In a semi-batch reactor

31596. A trickle bed reactor is the one, which

31597. What is the order of a chemical reaction in which doubling the initial concentration of the reactants doubles the half life time of the reaction ?

31598. The excess energy of the reactants required to dissociate into products is known as the __________ energy.

31599. In a/an __________ vessel, the fluid enters and leaves following plug flow.

31600. Shift conversion reaction

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