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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4524

226201. What number, from the following, should be deducted from 1184 to make it exactly divisible by 21?

226202. A rectangular playground ground of length 125m and width 75m, has a walking strip of width 3m in the middle of the ground, along the longer side. What is the area of the ground without the walking strip?

226203. Cultivation is difficult on red soil because

226204. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) focusses on

226205. If Sun : Star then Moon : ..........

226206. Find the missing number (?) in the series 1, 1, 4. 8, 9, ?,16, 64 ..........

226207. Find the HCF of 48, 92 and 140.

226208. If mathematical operators `$$-$$' and `$$\div$$' are interchanged, then the value of $$15 \times 4 + 15 - 11 \times 33 \div 98$$ is

226209. The standard deviation of the set {10, 11, 12, 9, 8} is

226210. Looking at a lady, Joey said, "She is the mother of my mother's mother-in-law's husband". How is the lady related to Joey's father?

226211. One Gigabyte =? (in decimal value)

226212. The annual award of 'Gandhi Peace Prize' is given to

226213. Consider the chart and answer questions based on it. The following pie chart shows fruit tree distribution in a farm land.                       Fruits The sector angle corresponding to the Banana is

226214. What is the ratio of Chikoo and Mango trees to that of Jamun, Orange and Banana trees in the farm land?

226215. If there are in all 960 trees, then how many of them are Mango trees?

226216. The concept of Triratna belonged to

226217. What is meant by space tourism?

226218. Which country among the following is the smallest in terms of area?

226219. Why does a piece of cloth, which appears green in sunlight, appear black when it is viewed under red light?

226220. A is D's brother. D is the son of Mrs. C. B is Mrs. C's father. How is A related to B?

226221. If S means '$$+$$' L means '$$\times$$' U means '$$\div$$' and K means '$$-$$', then the value of 21 S 1 U 7 L 15 U 6 L 14 K 55 is

226222. In a certain coding language, 'Ginger is a root' is written as 4123, 'A tree has a root' is 75422 and 'Tree is green' is 385. . Which digit represents 'root'?

226223. Hirakud reservoir is built across the river

226224. Which of the following authority is elected on the basis of proportional representation in India?

226225. How many players, on each side, are required for the game of volleyball?

226226. A man traveled at 40 kmph. Had he increased his speed by 16 kmph, he would have covered 80 km more in the same time. Find the actual distance travelled?

226227. AC is converted into DC by a

226228. Which one among the following does not belong to the group?

226229. Statements followed by some conclusions are given below. Statements: 1. Smoking is injurious to health and one of the causes of cancer. 2. Government has prohibited smoking in public places. Conclusions: I. Smoking causes cancer. II. Sale of cigarette should be banned. Find which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements.

226230. In which quadrant, will the point (4, -2) be located?

226231. If SELFIE = LXEYBX, then PHYSICS =

226232. Study the following diagram and answer questions based on it. The colour preferences of children are Given. How many children like both brown and white but not black?

226233. The ratio of children who like brown to those who like black is

226234. The ratio of kids who do not like black to those who like only black and white are

226235. Grand Slam' refers to winning certain major tennis tournaments in a single calendar year. The name of the tournaments are

226236. Find the value of $$X^3 (X^3 - X^2 - X)$$, when X = 4

226237. With effect from $$1^{st}$$ April 2010, banks have been allowing interest on saving account balance on

226238. $$97 \times 97$$ = ?

226239. Which of the following books was NOT written by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam?

226240. The value of $$\cos $$(1110°) is 

226241. If $$\sin \theta$$ = 2/3, Find the value of $$\sec \theta$$ and $$\cot \theta$$.

226242. ZIKA virus which damages the brain of the foetus is

226243. Simplify: $$(X^5 \div X^4)^3 \div X$$

226244. An article was sold for Rs. 2,400 at a discount of 20%. Find the selling price, if the discount was 25%.

226245. In a certain code, 134 is AGE and 92706 is INERT. What is 016923?

226246. The name of the space shuttle, which carried the Indian born Kalpana Chawla into space was

226247. Find the similarity in the following: Carbon, Silicon, Boron, Arsenic

226248. A tank can be filled in 30 minutes. There is a leakage which can empty the tank in 90 minutes. Therefore, the tank will be filled in

226249. Prostate in human body is a

226250. A product was sold. for Rs. 4,500 at a profit of 12.5%. What.was the amount of profit?

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