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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 437

21851. A nucleotide consists of

21852. A five carbon sugar lacking a hydrogen at the number 2 carbon is found in

21853. The unfavourable free energy associated with not satisfying a hydrogen bond after formation of the double helix is approximately

21854. The most stabilizing force for nucleic acids is

21855. A purine with an amine (NH2) group on the 6th carbon is

21856. Which of the following is found on RNA but not DNA?

21857. Which of the following is a purine?

21858. Because DNA is a highly charged polyanion, its stability to heat denaturation

21859. The sugar in RNA is __________ , the sugar in DNA is __________

21860. Nucleoside is a pyrimidine or purine base

21861. In gel electrophoresis, what fragments will move most quickly through a gel?

21862. Which pyrimidine base contains an amino group at carbon 4?

21863. He plays.......tennis very well.

21864. The message .................. be sent only if his father dies

21865. Please ask..................

21866. Tom is very clever.......... physics and mathematics

21867. Which of the following is not a feature of oxidative phosphorylation?

21868. Which of the following is not a significant biological oxidizing agent?

21869. How many CO2 molecules are exhaled for each O2 molecule utilized in cellular respiration?

21870. What happens after glycolysis when oxygen is available as an electron acceptor?

21871. Lactic acid is produced by human muscles during strenuous exercise because of lack of

21872. Which of the following is correct sequence of processes in the oxidation of glucose?

21873. In electron transport, electrons ultimately pass to

21874. The complete oxidation of glucose yields usable energy in the form of

21875. During electron transport, protons are pumped out of the mitochondrion at each of the major sites except for

21876. The aerobic breakdown of glucose known as respiration involves

21877. In aerobic respiration, the compound that enters a mitochondrion is

21878. FAD is reduced to FADH2 during

21879. During glycolysis, electrons removed from glucose are passed to

21880. A biological redox reaction always involves

21881. Coenzyme Q is involved in electron transport as

21882. The carbon dioxide is primary a product of

21883. Anil as well as Sunil ......... to blame for what happened.

21884. Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word group “likely to happen” ?

21885. He is _________ honest man.

21886. "He resembles his father’ means:

21887. More ATP is manufactured during __________ than at any other time in all of cellular metabolism.

21888. Electron transport systems play a vital role in

21889. Antenna complexes, electron transport chains, and carbon fixation are all found in

21890. Where does the O2 come from that is essential for the proper functioning of oxidative phosphorylation?

21891. Carbon fixation requires the expenditure of ATP molecules which is generated by

21892. A cyclic electron transport process is the characteristic of

21893. In oxygenic photosynthesis, the electron donor is

21894. The followings are the products of the light reactions of photosynthesis except

21895. The vast majority of the molecules that act as energy carriers to power cellular activities are made in

21896. Which of the following statements about energy metabolism is false?

21897. In cells having organelles, the steps of the Krebs cycle and the electron transport system occur in the

21898. As a result of the photosynthetic process, which product is formed?

21899. A eukaryotic cell that can carry out only fermentation instead of the complete aerobic respiration of glucose

21900. What is the maximum absorption wavelength for photosystem I in green plants?

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