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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 431

21551. The subunit molecular weight as well as the number of subunits in the quaternary structure can be determined by

21552. Proteins are separated in an SDS-PAGE experiment on the basis of their

21553. In an SDS-PAGE

21554. Proteins can be visualized directly in gels by

21555. In SDS-PAGE, the protein sample is first

21556. Electrophoresis of histones and myoglobin under non-denaturing conditions (pH = 7.0) results in

21557. In isoelectric focusing, proteins are separated on the basis of their

21558. Too many cooks spoil -------.

21559. He has spent his life _______ America:

21560. It is high time that he ----- all the lessons

21561. If a word in cell A1 is ‘Kerala’ and when type ‘K’ in the cell A2, MS Excell will display ‘Kerala’ because of the feature :

21562. Find the correct one

21563. Crick demonstrated that the genetic code involved three bases and suggested that the code was degenerated. What experimental technique Crick conducted to suggest genetic code degeneration?

21564. Codon that specify the amino acids often differs in the

21565. In some organelles in eukaryotes, the genetic code for some codons

21566. The codons which do not specify an amino acid are called

21567. The genetic code is degenerated. Which of the following codons represents the principle of degeneracy?

21568. In prokaryotes, AUG encodes

21569. How many amino acids will be encoded by 5' GAU GGU UGA UGU 3' sequence?

21570. In protein synthesis in prokaryotes

21571. AUG codes for methionine act as a

21572. Translation begins

21573. Which of the following techniques was carried out by Nirenberg and Matthaei in 1961 to determine the first codon?

21574. Bacterial protein called catabolic activator protein (CAP) is an example of

21575. How many different codons are possible?

21576. The genetic code is

21577. Which of the following has been used as an evidence that primitive life forms lacked both DNA and enzymes?

21578. In which of the number format, the number is represented in exponent notation?

21579. Atlanta is the city ----- Olympic Games were held in 1996.

21580. ABDICATE means

21581. A line drawn around a cell or group of cell is :

21582. Choose the right synonym from the options given below Credible

21583. A frameshift mutation occurs in the sigma subunit gene transcribed as part of SPOl early genes. What will be the immediate result?

21584. In the presence of high levels of tryptophan

21585. Tubulin is regulated by

21586. Transcription factors are

21587. Genes which need to be coordinately regulated but are not in operons may be regulated by

21588. What are genes?

21589. Which of the following is not a transcription factor?

21590. Sex determination in Drosophila involves

21591. Enhancers differ from promoters in that

21592. Methylated gene are

21593. Which of the following occur in the presence of glucose?

21594. Sex hormones activate transcription of specific genes by

21595. The lac operon is translated into __________ proteins.

21596. In the presence of tryptophan in the cell, the repressor is __________

21597. Catabolite activating protein exerts __________ control on transcription of the lac operon genes.

21598. DNA is methylated at

21599. Why are several structural genes regulated as a unit in bacteria?

21600. Alternate splicing of RNA transcripts is a mechanism to regulate

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