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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4076

203801. Researchers from which institute have developed a low cost piezo resistive vibration sensor using polyurethane foam?

203802. In August 2017, RBI Constituted an Internal Study Group to study the MCLR. This was done to ______.

203803. What was India’s rank in the Political Empowerment pillar as per the Global Gender Gap report 2017?

203804. A body is initially moving with a velocity of 15 m/s. It undergoes an acceleration of 4 $$\frac{m}{s}^2$$ for 6 seconds. Find the displacement (in m) of this body in these 6 seconds.

203805. ____________ is defined as the rate of transfer of energy.

203806. Chlorination can be done by adding _____________________ to the water.

203807. Which of the statements given below are correct? A) Roger Federer won the Tennis 2017 ATP World Tour Finals Men's Singles. B) Serena Williams won the Tennis 2017 Australian Open Women's Singles. C) Canada hosted the 2017 ITTF Men's World Cup.

203808. In HTML, ______________ contains all the content that you wish to present.

203809. Amit is five years older than Vaibhav at present. After four years the ratio of their age will be 5:4. What is Amit age (in year) at present?

203810. If $$\frac{7x+9y}{3x-4y}=\frac{19}{8}$$, then the value of $$\frac{x}{y}$$ is ___________.

203811. If $$p+\frac{1}{p}=\sqrt{10}$$, then find the value of $$p^4+\frac{1}{p^4}$$

203812. If $$z=6-2\sqrt3$$, then find the value of $$(\sqrt{z}-\frac{1}{\sqrt{z}})^2$$

203813. What is the total number of circles passing through the two fixed points?

203814. If the $$\angle ABC$$ and $$\angle ACB$$ of triangle ABC is $$80^\circ$$ and $$60^\circ$$ respectively. If the Incenter of the triangle is at point ‘I’ then calculate angle BIC.

203815. The value of a machine depreciates at the rate of 20% per annum. If its present value is Rs 96000, then what was the value (in Rs) of the machine 2 years ago?

203816. The incomes of S and T are in the ratio 3 : 4 and their expenditures are in the ratio 1 : 1. If S saves Rs 4000 and T saves Rs 22000, then what will be the income (in Rs) of S?

203817. X and Y started a business by investing Rs 171000 and Rs 243000 respectively. If X’s share in the profit earned at the end of year is Rs 3800, then what will be the total profit (in Rs) earned by them together?

203818. The average expenditure of Raman for 5 days is Rs.130. If his expenditure for the first 4 days is Rs.100, Rs.125, Rs.85 and Rs.160 respectively, then what is his expenditure (in Rs) of the $$5^{th}$$ day?

203819. A sum of Rs 8000 is borrowed at compound interest at the rate of 7% per annum. What will be the amount (in Rs) after 2 years?

203820. Cost price of a cooler is Rs 8400. If the profit percentage is 26%, then what is the selling price (in Rs) of the cooler?

203821. On Selling a book at $$\frac{9}{14}$$ of the marked price there is loss of 10%. What will be the ratio of marked price and cost price of the book?

203822. What is the positive square root of $$[25+4\sqrt{39}]$$ ?

203823. Two pipes P and Q can fill an empty tank in 25 hours and 20 hours respectively. Pipe R alone can empty the completely filled tank in 50 hours. Firstly both the pipes P and Q are opened and after 8 hours pipe R is also opened. What will be the total time (in hours) taken to completely fill the tank?

203824. Rohit crosses a 700 metres wide road in 35 seconds. What is his speed (in km/hr) ?

203825. The pie chart shows the distribution of wealth between 7 children according to their father's will. Study the diagram and answer the following questions. Which child got the least share of wealth according to the will?

203826. What is the total wealth (in Rs lakhs) of the father which was distributed according to the will?

203827. The measure of the central angle of the sector representing the share of wealth that D gets is ________ degrees.

203828. If 40% wealth tax has to be paid on the wealth that each child receives then how much wealth tax (in Rs lakhs) does C have to pay?

203829. The perimeter of a square is 22 cm. Find its area $$(in cm^2)$$ ?

203830. If the circumference of a circle is 88 cm, then what must be its area $$(in cm^2)$$ ?

203831. Find the total surface area $$(in cm^2)$$ of a right circular cylinder of diameter 7 cm and height 6 cm.

203832. ΔPQR is right angled at Q. If m$$\angle$$P = 60°, then find the value of $$(cot R + \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2})$$.

203833. ΔABC is right angled at B. If $$cot A = \frac{8}{15}$$, then what is the value of $$cos C$$ ?

203834. In the following question, select the related word pair from the given alternatives. Hexagon : Six : : ? : ?

203835. In the following question, select the related number pair from the given alternatives. 41 : 66 : : ? : ?

203836. In the following question, select the related letter/letters from the given alternatives. CPW : BOV : : KQH : ?

203837. Arrange the given words in the sequence in which they occur in the dictionary. 1. Plight 2. Plush 3. Platter 4. Plateau 5. Plate

203838. In the following question, select the missing number from the given series. 21, 25, 34, 50, ?, 111

203839. A series is given with one term missing. Select the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series. GX, JU, MR, PO, ?

203840. Burman remembers that the cricket match is after 19th July but before 22nd July, while Sumit remembers that the cricket match is before 25th July but after 20th July. On which date of July is the cricket match?

203841. From the given alternatives, select the word which CANNOT be formed using the letters of the given word. Obliterate

203842. In a certain code language, “STOINS” is written as “ROHPST”. How is “MARCUS” written in that code language?

203843. In a certain code language, '÷' represents '+', '-' represents 'x', '+' represents '÷' and 'x' represents '-'. Find out the answer to the following question. $$20 + 5 \times 4 \div 7 - 2 = ?$$

203844. The following equation is incorrect. Which two signs should be interchanged to correct the equation? $$9 \div 3 - 30 \times 7 + 6 = 15$$

203845. If 7*7 = 140, 6*1 = 70 and 3*5 = 80, then find the value of 4*4 = ?

203846. Which of the following terms follows the trend of the given list? ABCABABAB, CABABABAB, ABABABACB, ABABACBAB, ABACBABAB, _______________.

203847. An army recruit is training. He starts and runs 2 km East, then 3 km South, then 5.5 km West, then 4 km North, then 3.5 km East, where is he now with reference to the starting position?

203848. In the following figure, rectangle represents Pharmacists, circle represents Bloggers, triangle represents Trekkers and square represents Gymnasts. Which set of letters represents Gymnasts who are not Bloggers?

203849. A series is given with one term missing. Select the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series. RMA, TOC, VQE, XSG, ?

203850. In the following question, select the missing number from the given series. 5, 9, 13, 17, ?

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