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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 371

18551. Let r(x, y)=Then the explained variation in y due to x is:

18552. If both regression coefficients are positive, then their sum is always:

18553. The line of best fit can be obtained by the principle of:

18554. The coefficients of determination is the square of:

18555. If r(x,y)=6, then r(−x + 32 ,y − 58 ) is:

18556. Probable error is used to test:

18557. Let X be the number of successes follow B(n,p), then the distribution of failures follow:

18558. Let X follows B(n,p) is positively skewed if :

18559. Correlation coefficient between the number of successes and failures in B(n,p) is:

18560. Let X follows B(n,p) and define Y=X − np√npq . Then Var(Y) is:

18561. If X and Y are two independent Poisson variates with parameters 2 and 3 respectively and let U=X+Y. Then P(U=0) is:

18562. Referring to 50, E(X/U=3) is:

18563. Which of the following statement about B(n,p) is always true?

18564. If X follows N(10, σ 2 = 4 ), then the standard deviation of aX is:

18565. If X follows U(0,1), then Var(1-X) is:

18566. The maximum height of N(0,1) curve is :

18567. As the scale parameter of normal curve increases, the distribution retains symmetry and becomes:

18568. If X and Y are independent N(0,1) random variates, then P(X

18569. The Normal curve has an area about .......within one unit of SD from mean:

18570. The mgf of a random variable X is M(t)= 11 − 2t ,|t|<1 font=''>2 . Then E(X) is :

18571. The square of t distribution is an F distribution for:

18572. The ratio of two independent N(0,1) variates is a:

18573. If T1 and T2 are two unbiased estimates of parameter θ, then (2 T1+5T2)/(7) is :

18574. The random variable X has mean 5 and variance Then P[|X-5|>4] is:

18575. The statistical error associated to the statement 'An innocent person is proved as guilty' is :

18576. To test H0 : µ = 1 against H0 : µ ≠ 1 based on large sample, the test statistic Z has a value Then p-value associated to the test is:

18577. Let X and Y be random variables with Cov(X,Y)=-25, then which of the following is true:

18578. The degrees of freedom associated to t-test for the difference of the means of two samples having sizes m, n based on large sample is:

18579. If F follows F(7,8), then 1/F follows:

18580. The distribution function F(x) of a random variable X lies between:

18581. The probability mass function of a discrete random variable X is f(x)= x10 for x=1,2,3,4 and 0 for other values of X. Let F(x) denote the distribution function of X. Then F(4)-F(3) is:

18582. let X be a random variable with distribution function F(x). The distribution function of 2X+3 is:

18583. A continuous random variable X is symmetric about a real number a (a ∈ R) if the distribution function X-a is same as the distribution function of:

18584. Let X be a random variable with pdf f(x)=e−||x||2 ,-∞

18585. Let X be a random variable for which E(X) exists and A is any real number. Then E|X-A| is minimum if:

18586. The joint distribution function of (X,Y) is given by F(x,y)=(1-e−x )(1-e−y ), x>0,y>The marginal distribution function of Y is:

18587. The function f(x)=x2 , x ∈ R is:

18588. limn→∞ ∑k = 0n nk e−nk! is:

18589. Let x1,x2 ,...,xn be n discrete values with corresponding frequencies f1,f2 ,...,fn . Also let F1, F2,...,Fn be the corresponding greater than cumulative frequencies. Then ∑i= 1n Fi N gives:

18590. According to Prof. Sturge's rule, the relation between the number of classes (k) and total number of observations in the data (N) is:

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