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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3702

185101. 4 men can complete a piece of work in 2 days. 4 women can complete the same piece of work in 4 days whereas 5 children can complete the same piece of work in 4 days. If 2 men 4 women and 10 children work together in how many days can the work be completed ?

185102. The speed of boat when travelling downstream is 32 km/hr whereas when travelling upstream it is 28 km/hr. What is the speed of the boat in still water ?

185103. In which of the following years was the number of candidates qualified from Chennai the maximum among the given years ?

185104. Approximately what was the difference between the number of Candidates qualified from Hyderabad in 2001 and that in 2002 ?

185105. What is the full form of ‘NBFC’ as used in the Financial Sector ?

185106. As per the news published in various financial newspapers the RBI is reworking the roadmap on Capital Account Convertibility.If this is done who amongst the following would be able to invest in foreign projects or acquire assets outside India without any restrictions ? (A)Public Sector Banks (B)Companies which are registered in India (C)Govt of India (D)Any Individual

185107. Many a time we read about Special Drawing Right (SDR) in newspapers As per its definition SDR is a monetary unit of the reserve assets of which of the following organisation agencies ?

185108. Which of the following is/are the highlights of the Union Budget 2010-11 ? (A) A number of new steps taken to simplify the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regime (B)Rs 16,500 cr provided to ensure that the Public Sector Banks are able to attain a minimum 8% capital (Tier I ) by Mar 2011 (C)More than Rs 1,74,000 cr provided for the development of the infrastructure in the country

185109. As per the news published in major financial newspapers the Union Govt is planning to divest 20% stake in the state owned Hindustan Copper Ltd What does it really mean ?

185110. As per the newspaper reports the Govt of India made an auction of the Third Generation Spectrum (3G) recently Which of the following ministries was actively involved in the process ?

185111. As per a recent announcement the Govt of India will provide an amount of Rs 48,000 cr to develop Rural Infrastructure in the country.This planned development is being undertaken under which of the following schemes ?

185112. As per the current practice the maximum part of the Global Foreign Exchange Reserves (more than 60%) and Foreign Exchange Transactions (more than 90%) take place in only one currency all over the world which is that currency ?

185113. The RBI Governor in one of his speeches made a mention of Inflation Index to target as there are several such indices Which of the following statements is CORRECT in this regard ?

185114. Which of the following agencies/organisation has recently decided that all the Stock Exchanges should introduce physical settlement of equity derivatives ?

185115. Recently India took part in Nuclear New Build 2010 Conference organised in

185116. Which of the following schemes announced in the Union Budget 2010-11 will have direct impact on the pricing pattern of fertilizers ?

185117. As we know with the launch of Nano by Tatas India has become favourite Small Car Destination of the world Other than India Which of the following countries is also a popular destination of small cars ?

185118. Many economists and financial analysts are of the opinion that India could withstand the recent global economic crisis comfortably because of a good fiscal consolidation and Govts adherence to the targets fixed by the

185119. As per the decision taken by the competent authorities the Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) are required to pay 100% application money to make them eligible to bid for public issues How much amount were the QIBs paying as application or margin money prior to this decision ?

185120. The Finance Minister of India in one of his speeches said that the current high inflation is not because of monetary expansion but due to supply side bottlenecks in certain essential commodities This means that the Finance Minister is of the view that (A)the liquidity position in market is quite comfortable these days (B)inflation being experienced these days is not cost push inflation (C)markets are flooded with luxury goods but essential commodities are definitely in short supply

185121. North Korea and USA decided to resume their peace talks after a gap of several months Both the countries have a dispute over which of the following issues ?

185122. Who amongst the following was the Chairperson of the 13th Finance Commission which submitted its report to the President of India recently ?

185123. As per the news published in various newspapers the RBI is considering the grant of licence to some new companies particularly NBFCs to act as full-fledged banks Which of the following will be considered an NBFC ?

185124. As per the newspaper report China is likely to drop its special ‘Yuan’ policy soon. What is this special Yuan policy being followed by China at present ? (A)China had initiated the policy of Yuan exchange rate with dollar to Yuan since 2008 at a specified rate decided by it and not by the market forces (B)China has initiated a policy which says that all payments in China should be done in Yuan only US and some other nations do not agree with this

185125. What is an “intranet” ?

185126. Which of the following groups of cricket teams was declared joint winner of the Col.Ck Naidu Trophy for 2009 ?

185127. Kaiane Aldorino who was crowned Miss World 2009 is from which of the following countries ?

185128. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the CNNIBN Indian of the Year Award for 2009?

185129. The database administrator’s function in an organization is

185130. Every device on the Internet has a unique _____address (also called an ‘Internet address) that identifies it in the same way that a street address identifies the location of a house

185131. To send another station a message the main thing a user has to know is ____

185132. In a client/server model a client program

185133. Control in design of an information system is used to

185134. Each of the following is a true statement except:

185135. A set of inter-related components that collect process store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization best defines

185136. A _____is a computer connected to two networks

185137. When you save a presentation _______

185138. In a customer database a customer’s surname would be keyed into a

185139. Find the correct statement

185140. Storing same data in many places is called _____

185141. Which of the following is the first step in the transaction processing cycle which captures business data through various modes such as optical scanning or at an electronic commerce website ?

185142. Bancassurance can be sold to

185143. Cross-selling is not effective for which one of the following products ?

185144. Which of the following is not involved in the Growth Strategies of a Company ?

185145. A successful ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ requires

185146. Cross-Selling is the basic function of

185147. Data mining means analysing the data stored with

185148. SME means

185149. One of the following is not included in the 7 P’s of Marketing Find the same

185150. A triangle has two of its angles in the ratio of 1 : 2. If the measure of one of its angles is 30 degrees, what is the measure of the largest angle of the triangle in degrees ?

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