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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3678

183901. The 55th Cannes International Film Festival dubbed which of the following Indian Cine Stars as ‘’Prince of Bollywood’’?

183902. Which of the following is not true about President Parvez Musharraf who won the referendum in Pakistan ? A. He got about 60% votes B. He will remain as President for next three years C. About 40-50% of the eligible 70 million voters participated in the referendum.

183903. Dollar’s Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita is highest in

183904. ‘East Timor’ which became a new independent nation was earlier a part of

183905. As per the ruling given by the Supreme Court of India, the candidates for the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections will be required to disclose their A. Educational qualifications B. Assets C. Antecedents

183906. In a bid to fight terrorism, which of the following two countries signed a historic disarmament pact recently ?

183907. India recently signed an extradition treaty with which of the following European countries after six-year long negotiations ?

183908. The XVII Commonwealth Games will be organised in July- August 2002 in…..

183909. A joint session of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha was summoned to discuss which of the following recently ?

183910. Which of the following is not true as per the National Human Development report released recently ? A. The human development index improved annually at 4.3 per cent in the 1980s but only 2.4 percent in 1990s B. Goa was found to be at the top in many of the indicators C. Gender disparities have declined almost in all states.

183911. Which of the following is the correct dEscription of ‘BrahMos’. the acronym for Brahmaputra-Moscow ? A. It is a joint project of India and Russia wherein Russia will help India in controlling the flooding of river Brahmaputra. B. It is the name of the project undertaken by India and Russia in the field of space research C. This is the name of the supersonic anti-ship cruise missile developed jointly by India and Russia

183912. The dairy products now attract customs duty at the rate of

183913. Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘’Empire Falls’’, which was in news recently ?

183914. Which of the following is true about the debate on the situation of Gujarat held in the Parliament recently ? A. THe NDA government got 281 votes while opposition got only 194 votes B. The debate continued for about 16 hours C. The motion was put up by the NDA Govt. itself

183915. As per the estimates of the Reserve Bank of India the growth rate during 2002-03 would be in the range of

183916. Which of the following will be the Cash Reserve Ratio of banks w.e.f. June 15, 2002?

183917. Which of the following is true about Justice B.N. Kirpal who was recently in news ?

183918. Why was Sri Manohar Joshi recently in news ?

183919. India has recently purchased 8 gun-locating radars from

183920. Which of the following is ‘’not true’’ about Indo- Malaysian relations A. Malaysia is in the favour of tripartite talk on Kashmir issue B. India wants Malaysia to help her in the field of hardwares and infrastructure sectors C. Malaysia is the biggest producer of the palm oil and India is the biggest consumer. D. Malaysia does not support the Pakistan’s resolution to condemn India in the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

183921. Which of the following is ‘’true’’ about the ‘’Megha Tropiques’’? A. It is the name of a satellite B. It is a joint venture of France and India C. It is the name of the new war plane developed in India. D. It is a space shuttle India has purchased from Germany

183922. As per the estimates given by the Reserve Bank of India the GDP Growth this year is expected to be in the range of….

183923. Shri A. K. Antony who became the Chief Minister of Kerala belongs to which of the following political parties ?

183924. Which of the following statements is ‘’true’’ about the opening of the defence production for private sector ? A. Now the defence production is open for 100% private participation B. Government has also allowed 26% direct foreign investment C. British defence industry has already purchase 20% stake in three defence production units

183925. Which match refree imposed penalties on six Indian Cricketers during their South African tour in 2001 ?

183926. Which of the following countries refused to accept two shipments of wheat imported from India as the quality of the same was of substandard ?

183927. Which of the following is the largest exporter of steel from India ?

183928. Which of the following countries in the Indian subcontinent has put a ban on import of rice from India ?

183929. The Liberhan Commission is set up to enquire which of the following issues ?

183930. The Kyoto Pact is associated with which of the following ?

183931. The remains of an ancient civilization of 4000 BC were discovered in……..

183932. Which of the following companies has purchased the BALCO which has restarted functioning ?

183933. The royal ethnic Pashtun who took over as the head of the interim Government in Afghanistan in December 2001 is

183934. Slobodan Milosevic who was arrested by the security forces of his country was the ……..

183935. Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia is appointed the evaluator of the functioning of a prestigious world body known as …..

183936. Who amongst the following is the Defence Minister of India at present ?

183937. Which of the following countries has decided to lift sanctions of India which were put on it in May 1998 following Pokharan Nuclear Test ?

183938. Immediately before the President rule imposed on Manipur who was the Chief Minister there ?

183939. About 130 people died in a stampede at a football stadium in

183940. Mr. Danis Tito is …...

183941. ‘’Vachaspati Puraskar’’ is given for outstanding performance in the field of …...

183942. Late Sudhakarrao Naik was associated with….

183943. What per cent of world’s total mango production comes from India ?

183944. Which of the following statements is ‘’not true’’ about the India’s population ?

183945. Why is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) considered as eco- friendly ?

183946. The ‘World Environment Day’ is observed on which of the following dates ?

183947. Which of the following films was adjudged as the best film in National Film Award- 2000 held in March 2001 ?

183948. The Kidney stones formed in the human body are basically--

183949. Which of the following is ‘’not’’ considered an Environmental Movement in India ?

183950. What per cent of World’s total forest area, India now represents ?

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