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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3672

183601. Which of the following statements correctly reflects the Government of India’s decision taken recently about the prepayment of the ‘foreign currency convertible bonds’ owned by the Indian companies ? A. Companies are asked to renegotiate the payment terms of their foreign currency convertible bonds as government wants the payment period to be a longer one. B. Companies allowed to make a prepayment under certain conditions as the foreign currency stock is in very comfortable position these days. C. Companies will have now option to approach bond holders for prepayment of loans rather than offering equity to them on maturity.

183602. The residues of extremely harmful pesticides were detected recently in some parts of the country in the samples of which of the following ?

183603. Which of the following is the reason (as reported in the media) owing to which USA wants all its food and eatable importers to take a prior permission of the Government for such importers ? A: USA feels that terrorists may create a havoc by contaminating their food supplies. B: Since country is under threat of terrorist attacks, food industry is losing its business tremendously. Hence such importers are allowed only for few selective items. C:As per the provision of the WTO agreements no country is allowed to import ‘ready to eat food’ unless their is an emergency situation. USA wishes to implement the provisions for which modifications in certain existing rules are necessary. No imports till then.

183604. Who are three scientist who got Nobel Prize 2002 in Physics for proving why the sun shines and how the discovery of far away stars is possible ? (prizes announced in October 2002)

183605. Which of the following statements on Saudi Arabia’s recent decision about the foreign workers on its soil is/are True’’ A. Saudi Arabia has decided to set a limit for the number of the foreign workers present in the country. B. Saudi Arabia will have to reduce the number of foreigners working there by 10% as it intends to bring their population to 20% of its population. C. Saudi Arabia wants to bring the number of foreign workers to a mere 30% of its total population in next 10 years time.

183606. What is meant by Electronic Commerce ?

183607. Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘’Made in Texas’’ published recently ?

183608. Which of the following is True about the financial result of the companies of the IT sector announced for quarter ended 31 st December 2002 ? A. The sector registered a growth rate of 28% B. The net profit of the sector comes to only 2% C. The result shows that only some big companies are growing, while other smaller ones are at a decline

183609. As per the index compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which of the following economies is adjudged best with the greatest potential of growth over next five to eight years ?

183610. The Government of India has recently issued revised guidelines for Government funding to IITs. Which of the following is/are True about the same ? A: Government funds to IITs will now be available only for Research and Development projects and post graduates studies B: Under graduates programmes will not get funds from the Government C:IITs are allowed to undertake more and more fee based consultancy projects to cover their need for money for routine expenditure.

183611. In front of gathering US president Bush made a statement which says-- ‘’The American space programme must go on. Exploration is not an option we choose, it is a desire written in the human heart.’’ Which of the following was the occasion which prompted US President to make such a statement ?

183612. As per the decision taken by the Government of India now which of the following organisations in addition to NABARD, is permitted to fund the co-operative directly ?

183613. Study the following table to answer the given questions.Production (in crore units) of six companies over the yearsThe production of Company AVC in 2000 is approximately what percent of its average production over the given years ?

183614. For SIO, which year was the percent increase or decrease in production from the previous year the highest ?

183615. Which Company has less average production in the last three years compared to that of first three years ?

183616. The total production of the six companies in the first two given years is what per cent of that of last two given years ? (round off upto two decimal places)

183617. For ZIR, which of the following is the difference in production in 2002 and 2001 ?

183618. For how many companies did the production increase every year from that of the previous year ?

183619. Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and--By selling a product with 20% profit, how much profit was earned ? I. The difference between cost and selling price is Rs. 40 II. The selling price is 120 per cent of the cost price.

183620. A train crosses another train running in the opposite direction in x seconds. What is the speed of the train ? I. Both the trains have the same length and are running at the same speed. II. One train crosses a pole in 5 seconds.

183621. What is the two digit number ? I. The difference between the two digits is 9. II. The sum of the digits is equal to the difference between the two digits.

183622. A spherical ball of given radius x cm is melted and made into a right circular cylinder. What is the height of the cylinder. I. The volume of the cylinder is equal to the volume of the ball. II. THe area of the base of the cylinder is given.

183623. Area of a square is equal to the area of a circle. What is the circumference of the circle ? I. The diagonal of the square is x inches. II. The side of the square is y inches.

183624. A, B, and C are positive integers. Is their product an even number ? I. A is an even number. II. The product of A and B is an even number and that of A and C is also an even number.

183625. By how much is three-fifth of 350 greater than four-seventh of 210 ?

183626. Three men, four women and six children can complete a work in 7 days. A women does double the work a man does and a child does half the work a man does. How many women alone can complete this work in 7 days ?

183627. For the two given equations I and II----I. $$6p^{2}+5p+1=0$$ II. $$20q^{2}+9q=-1$$

183628. For the two given equations I and II----I. $$3p^{2}+2p-1=0$$ II. $$2q^{2}+7q+6=0$$

183629. For the two given equations I and II----I. $$3p^2+15p=-18$$ II. $$q^2+7q+12=0$$

183630. For the two given equations I and II----I. $$p=\frac{\sqrt{4}}{\sqrt{9}}$$ II. $$9q^{2}-12q+4=0$$

183631. For the two given equations I and II----I. $$p^{2}+13p+42=0$$ II. $$q^{2}=36$$

183632. Study the information given in each of these questions to answer the questions.Cumulative frequency of number of books purchased---- January 150 February 260 March 290 April 360 May 450 June 580 July 780 August 1010 September 1120 In which month were highest number of books purchased ?

183633. Study the information given in each of these questions to answer the questions.Percentage of Sex (Male and Female) and Education Level (Post-Graduate or Graduate) Data of a Collage.Total N = 2300 Total how many post-graduates are there in the college ?

183634. Study the information given in each of these questions to answer the questions.A candidate’s score (out of 100) in different subjects--The difference in score is maximum between which of the two subjects ?

183635. Study the information given in each of these questions to answer the questions.Caloric value of food per 100 gms--- Food Value X 100 Y 29 Z 110 A 70 B 40 What consumed the most calories ?

183636. Study the information given in each of these questions to answer the questions.Study the graph and answer the question given below.Which of the following is true about the value of x and y in the graph ?

183637. Population of two states represented by circles is equal to the area of the circle (in lakhs). What is the smaller state ?

183638. Study the following graph to answer the given questions.The production in 2002 is what percent of production in 1996?

183639. Study the following graph to answer the given questions.What is the approximate average production (in lakhs) for the given years ?

183640. Study the following graph to answer the given questions.Which of the following is the highest difference in production between two adjacent years ?

183641. Study the following graph to answer the given questions.Which year had the highest per cent increase in production over the previous year?

183642. $$3\times?+30=0$$

183643. $$40.83\times1.20\times1.2=?$$

183644. $$3\frac{1}{3}\div6\frac{3}{7}\times1\frac{1}{2}\times\frac{22}{7}$$=?

183645. $$\sqrt{1.5625}$$=?

183646. $$3978+112\times2=?\div2$$

183647. $$\left\{10^{3.7}\times10^{1.3}\right\}^2=10^?$$

183648. In each of the following number series, a wrong number is given. FInd out the wrong number.2, 3, 6, 18, 109, 1944, 209952

183649. In each of the following number series, a wrong number is given. FInd out the wrong number.1 3 6 11 20 39 70

183650. In each of the following number series, a wrong number is given. FInd out the wrong number.2 13 27 113 561 3369 23581

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