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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 337

16851. Laser printer was First introduced By

16852. Which of the following eastern states of India is generally referred to as the Land of the Sun rays?

16853. The famous Indian who first swam the Palk Strait?

16854. The longest land frontier of India is with?

16855. Which one of the following is not a rabi crop?

16856. Who discovered Vaccine for hydrophobia?

16857. Who discovered Theory of relativity?

16858. Who discovered Electrons?

16859. Who discovered Psycho analysis?

16860. Who discovered Railway Engine?

16861. Who discovered Insulin?

16862. An organism which transmits a disease to a healthy person is known as?

16863. Time allowed for chanting Jana Gana Mana the National Anthem of India?

16864. DIET is the Parliament of?

16865. Capital of Kerala?

16866. The National animal of India?

16867. Which among the following inert Gases is not present in our atmosphere?

16868. The first Lady Prime-Minister of a country was?

16869. The Panchayati Raj is a?

16870. Dear money means?

16871. The most important string musical instrument of Carnatic music?

16872. Mother Theresa ------------1910

16873. She met him----------year ago

16874. He was too worrie------

16875. Choose the phrasal verb which means’demand’

16876. Find out the wrongly spelt word

16877. A person who works when his fellow workers are on strike:

16878. Fill in the blanks using correct preposition:The stranger knocke-----------the door

16879. .One of my collegues----------attended the seminar

16880. She-----------singing when I entered the room

16881. He has decided to--------his visit to Chennai

16882. I--------English since 1995

16883. Prasanth is taller than--------

16884. Prevention is better than-----------

16885. The word’adjourn’means:

16886. Find out the word with opposite meaning of’arroganr’:

16887. Colt is the young one of a

16888. The 'Al- Ameen ' started publication from Calicut in October 1924 under the Editorship of

16889. The Autobiography of C Kesavan

16890. The novel 'Tottiyude Makan' was written by

16891. Guruvayoor Satyagraha was started on

16892. Which Nuclear power plant became India's first Nuclear plant to generate 1000 MW power

16893. The Global Day of Parents was observed on

16894. Who was selected for the J C Daniel award for life time achievement in Cinema for the year 2013 ?

16895. Who became the Chief minister of Odisha consecutively for four times?

16896. The autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar

16897. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

16898. Which of the following river valley separate the mountain ranges Vindhays and Satpuras ?

16899. Where is the famous Sundarban National park situated?

16900. What is the ancient name of coastal Odisha?

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