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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 330

16501. The figure of speech in which pleasant terms are used to describe an unpleasant fact is:

16502. ‘She is a handful’ means:

16503. ‘She is in the family way’ means:

16504. Butter is made …………. milk.

16505. This letter is written ……… green ink.

16506. I am going to buy some …………. for my father’s office.

16507. The monthly……………… of the peon of our office is Rs. 2,

16508. A man and a woman are walking hand in hand. The man’s mother-in-law is the mother of the woman’s mother- in – law. How are they related to each other?

16509. The time taken for drying one shirt is one hour. What is the time required to dry 10 such shirts under the same condition of temperature and pressure?

16510. A man who claimed to have come across a silver coin with the inscription 50 B.C. wrote to the archeology department. But the department did not care to answer him. Why?

16511. How many days are there between 25-2-2004 and 9 – 3-2004?

16512. The next number in the series 6, 13, 21, 30, –––– is.

16513. The total of 9 and 09 and 01 is:

16514. A book costs three times a pen in rupees. The two digits of the total price when added will be. What is the price of the pen?

16515. In a box, there are 10 white socks and 16 black socks. What is the minimum number of socks that a blindfolded man should take out to get one pair?

16516. 10 goats jump over a fence one after the other in 10 minutes. Then how many goats will jump over the same fence at the same rate in one hour?

16517. My age was three times the age of my son ten years ago. If my son’s age is 23 years now, what is my age?

16518. The next number in the series 2, 6, 24, 120, …. is:

16519. There are 50 students in a class. If the rank of a student from top is 11, what is his rank from below?

16520. If MOTHER is LNSGDQ, SISTER is:

16521. Address of the four members living in the same house are given here. Which one is faulty?

16522. If HEAD is 8514 what is TAIL?

16523. Which is the wrongly spelt word?

16524. 1/2 + 1/16 + 1/4 + 1/8 =?

16525. If 1/4 of 1/4 is subtracted from 1/2 of 1/2, the result is:

16526. Triticum aestivum is the botanical name of :

16527. The most important Khariff crop in india ;

16528. Which plant has the largest simple leaf :

16529. Which plant is known as Devadundubhi in Sanskrit ?

16530. The pigment imparts yellow colour to flowers :

16531. Which is the seeded plant that reproduces in the fastest rate ?

16532. The plant diseases 'Green ear' affected which of the crops?

16533. Which of the following has the highest nutritional value?

16534. The botanist who is mentioned in Gitanjali by Tagore :

16535. 11 Tamarind was brought to india by ;

16536. Dumping of solid waste in lowlying areas earth cover is called as:

16537. The seeds of certain plants had togerminate if they do not pass through the digestive tract of fruit eating birds;

16538. An edible under ground stem is :

16539. The founder of Sidhasramam at Alathur was

16540. The venue of 2020 Olympics

16541. The play Nil Darpan was written by

16542. The President of the Lahore Congress of 1929

16543. Who gave the epithet 'Pulayaraja' to Ayyankali ?

16544. Who won the Nobel Prize in literature 2016 ?

16545. Which river in kerala was referred as river Churni in Kautilya's Arthasastra ?

16546. Temple Entry Proclamation was made in the year

16547. Mahatma Gandhi presided over the annual session of the Indian National Congress only once at

16548. Nadhula Pass is situated in

16549. The winner of the World Chess Championship 2016

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