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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 318

15901. Which country has its national flag bearing with the picture of a leaf of Mapple tree?

15902. What is the colour of black box in aeroplanes ?

15903. Name the Maidan in which International Trade Fairs are conducted at New Delhi :

15904. The feature available in word processor to type data in row and column from is :

15905. The bar in which it displays the name of the currently active document is :

15906. WWW stands for

15907. How many window can be active at a time ?

15908. __________ specifies the internet address of a file, stored on a host computer or server connected to internet

15909. In the given option, which one is search engine ?

15910. Which is the short key is used to view the slide show in Powerpoint ?

15911. To insert a new slide in the current presentation, we can choose

15912. A worksheet (spreadsheet) can have maximum of ______ number of rows

15913. We can replace a font on all slides with another font using the ____ option

15914. An operator is used to combine text from two cells in spreadsheet. Which is that operator ?

15915. Computer processing speed is measured in terms

15916. Which of the following is not an operating system ?

15917. A file which contain readymade style that can be used for a presentation

15918. Cell address of 5 th row and 2 nd column in spread sheet is

15919. A numeric value can be treated as a label value, if it preceded with

15920. Getting data from a cell located in different sheet is called

15921. On a spread sheet the active cell is indicated

15922. We can access various utilities in word such as Spell check, Macro, Mail merge, etc. by using a menu, which is that menu ?

15923. ____ is an extraspace of margin added to the left or top margin to leave space for binding

15924. What process should be used to recall a document saved previously ?

15925. What print command should be selected in the print dialogue box to print first 2 pages of document?

15926. The arrangements of elements such as title, sub title, text, pictures and tables etc. are called

15927. The advantage of using spreadsheet is

15928. If you have a presentation show slide that you have created and want to send using e-mail to another person, which option shown below is choose

15929. All of the formula in spread sheet start with ______ operator

15930. In a word document grammatical errors are made with

15931. A file with .dot extension is associated with

15932. How many window can be open at a time ?

15933. When was minimise a window using a button, that window shrinks and disappear in a particular bar, such bar is termed as

15934. An equipment which is used to connect in between computer and telephone is called as

15935. Which is the short cut key to create a new word file ?

15936. ISP means

15937. Forming of letters in irregular line with uneven space called

15938. The Guide row of keyboard is arranged from the top as the

15939. Type bars are connected to segment by means of

15940. Ribbon carrier is situated on the back side of

15941. Main spring is related to the carriage through

15942. In a D.O. letter 'To' address is typed on the

15943. Mistakes on the stencil paper can be corrected by

15944. Main part in the step by step movement of the carriage

15945. The scale between the type guide and the cylinder is known as

15946. The following is used to type on ruled paper

15947. Typing on the Stencil paper

15948. Heart of the typewriter

15949. Type bar is fitted with

15950. Cylinder and feed rolls rotate in

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