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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3174

158701. The main apoprotein present in LDL

158702. Wavelength selector in spectrophotometer is cither:

158703. Bence Johns protein is seen in :

158704. Amino acids involved in creatinine synthesis :

158705. Which among the following is both ketogenic and glucogenic?

158706. Cocci arranged in packets of eight:

158707. Co enzyme involved in transamination reactions

158708. Bacteria which have lost their cell wall is referred to as :

158709. Organ of adhesion in bacteria :

158710. Metachromatic granules can be demonstrated by:

158711. Selective medium for corynebacterium diphtheriae :

158712. Antibiotic having anti DNA gyrase action :

158713. The control strain of bacteria for antibiotic

158714. Picric acid should be stored :

158715. Tube length of compound microscope is :

158716. Tyndallization is a type of:

158717. Which among the following is a best marker of myocardial ischemia?

158718. Microalbuminuria is defined as :

158719. H bA1 C level 4.5-5.6% indicates :

158720. Which among the following is an invitro gene amplication procedure?

158721. KOH preparation is used to demonstrate :

158722. Who led the Anti-British struggle in Kittoor?

158723. The Mugal Architecture is a blending of:

158724. The article 21 of Indian constitution entitles :

158725. Who is the author of Kalpasutra?

158726. Which is the capital of Kanishka?

158727. Who is the founder of Pallava dynasty?

158728. Name the Malayali political leader whose statue is installed in Indian parliament?

158729. Dinabandhu Sarvajanik Sabha was founded by :

158730. Who is the author of ‘Moksha Pradeepam’?

158731. First woman judge in supreme court of India :

158732. Albuquerque captured Goa from the ruler of:

158733. Who described Tajmahal as “A tear drop on the cheek of eternity”?

158734. Who was the Governor of Kerala when it came under 'President Rule’ for the first time?

158735. Who consecrated mirror (Kannadi Pvathishta) for the first time in South India?

158736. Who is the founder of Thiruvithamkoor Ezhava Mahasabha?

158737. The first general election after the formation of Kerala state was held in :

158738. The orginators of the Dravidian style of architecture and sculpture in South India was the :

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