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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 294

14701. Who is the winner of the silver medal in the 56 Kilogram category of boxing final at the Asian/Oceania Qualifying Tournament in China?

14702. Which of the below statement/s is/are correct: A new tax calculator has been launched by IT department. 2. The ‘tax calculator’ is an online computer-based programme hosted on the official website of the department. 3. The CBDT had notified the new forms on March 20 and ITRs can be filed till the stipulated deadline of April 31.

14703. Guy Hamilton, recently passed away, was a

14704. How many bills have received the assent of the Governor of Gujarat?

14705. How many special economic zones (SEZ) proposals may be cancelled by the central government in West Bengal?

14706. How much amount has been released by central government as its share under MGNREGA?

14707. What percentage of import duty has been imposed on the goods of Indian travelling back to India after 1 year?

14708. Which automobile company has signed an agreement with KTM AG, an Austrian bike maker?

14709. Which country has agreed to adhere to peaceful negotiations with India to settle the border issue?

14710. Which country has agreed to enhance collaboration on tackling offshore tax evasion?

14711. Which country has committed Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan of Rs 14,300 crore (approx.) to India?

14712. Which country has declared water shortage emergency?

14713. Which country has defeated Canada in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament?

14714. Which country has introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization Visa (e-visa) for Indian tourists?

14715. Which country has launched a bullet-shaped retrievable scientific research satellite?

14716. Which country has suspended an international anti-corruption taskforce?

14717. Which country is the winner of the Asian Nations Cup Chess tournament in men's category?

14718. Which country is the winner of the gold medal at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia?

14719. Which country's army has approved the deployment of female officers for the first time for ground combat operations?

14720. Which international organisation has planned to invest in Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation? 

14721. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding CIPET?

14722. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding MoU between India and US?

14723. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

14724. Which of the following statements is NOT correct? 

14725. Which of the following statement/s is/are incorrect regarding Minimum Wage Act?

14726. Which organisation has been conferred with ‘SCOPE Excellence Award’ for outstanding contribution to the Public Sector Management?

14727. Which organisation has launched an online bank 'Online-Only' aimed at households and small businesses?

14728. Which organization has bagged a maiden order of 105 MW wind farm from Greenko Group?

14729. Which organization has become the first e-Office electricity distribution company in India?

14730. Which organization has celebrated the birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar for the first time?

14731. Which organization has entered into a licence agreement with Nagarjuna Agro Chemicals Pvt Ltd?

14732. Which organization has entered into a partnership with Datar Genetics Limited?

14733. Which organization has entered into an agreement with Ukrainian state-owned company Antonov for making smaller aircraft?

14734. Which organization has planned to set up a subsidiary for Cyber Security?

14735. Which organization has signed a pact with Japan’s Kyowa to set up a joint venture firm?

14736. Which organization has signed a partnership agreement with Uralvagonzavod, a Russian company? 

14737. Which organization has tied up with Flipkart?

14738. Which organization has won maximum awards in the 12th edition of The Golden Leaf India Award?

14739. Which organization will provide loan assistance for the modern and sustainable metro system for Nagpur city?

14740. Which organization will sign a MoU with Doordarshan for future content collaboration?

14741. Which organizations has signed a MoU with IIT Madras for technical co-operation?

14742. Which railway zones is the largest Freight Loading Railway Zone for the year 2015-16?

14743. Which state government has completely ban on all types of liquor throughout the state?

14744. Which state government has planned to announce its new information technology policy?

14745. Which state government has tied up with the Tata Trust to link all government and medical colleges to the National Cancer Grid?

14746. Which state has announced the creation of new Integrated Tribal Development Agency?

14747. Which state has approved freehold land policy-2016 for the establishment of industries in the state?

14748. Which state has approved to open 2,000 new sub-health centres in the State?

14749. Which state has decided to restrict digging of borewells beyond 200 feet?

14750. Which state has setup a committee to expedite work on the redevelopment of railway stations?

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