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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2833

141651. Who is known as “the father of Modern kerala Renaissance”?

141652. Sri chithira thirunal Bala Rama Varma,the maharaja of Travancore issued his famous Temple entry proclamation in:

141653. Who is the author of the book”Onnekal kodi Malayalikal”?

141654. The Governor General who introduced subsidiary alliance in India?

141655. Among the following elements given,which is the highest component by mass of human body?

141656. Parallel venation in leaves is a characteristic feature of

141657. The chromosome number of dog is:

141658. Which among the following nitrogen base is only found in RNA’s:

141659. ”Book lungs”are the breathing organs of:

141660. The cell organelle which is only found in plant cells is:

141661. Which among the followings came in the second tropical level of food chain?

141662. A chromosomal disorder among the following is:

141663. Which of the following is not an example for root modification

141664. A phagocytic leucocyte among the following is:

141665. ”Broca’s area”in brain is associated with:

141666. Which among the following animals cannot be described as a true amphibian?

141667. A living mechanical tissue in plants is:

141668. ”Erithroblatosis foetalis”is a condition occurred when

141669. The smallest bone in human body is found in:

141670. A disease caused due to bacteria among the following is:

141671. ”Acromegaly”is a condition happened due to the imbalance of hormone:

141672. The vitamine essential for night vision:

141673. The reproductive method in which both male and female gametes are similar in all respect is known as:

141674. The hormone used as an anti inflammatory medicine in the treatment of allergic disease is:

141675. The breeding tract of -------breed is Montgomery district of Pakistan:

141676. ------is not a part of the female reproductive system:

141677. In cow ovulation occurs during

141678. Fertilisation of ova takes place in the:

141679. The percentage of protein in milk is:

141680. -------------is caused by impaired metabolism of carbohydrate and volatile fatty acids:

141681. ---is a heat-acid coagulated product made from milk:

141682. Milk “Let down”occurs by the action of------------hormone

141683. Fodder best suited in water logged area:

141684. Feedstuff having the lowest amount of protein and highest amount of crude fibre:

141685. ------is a fermented product,and is a conserved fodder.

141686. Phosphorus content is high in:

141687. Which compartment of stomach produces gastric juice:

141688. Mammary glands are specialized ------------in female mammals.

141689. Between milking milk is stored in the:

141690. --------------compartment of stomach hold foreign material that may cause serious damage to other organs.

141691. The vitamins involved in reproduction in cattle are:

141692. Symptoms like high fever,stringy salivation,formation of vesicles on the tongue,gums and interdigital space are early signs of:

141693. Fat percentage of milk is lowest for-------bree

141694. The fat percentage of colostrums is ---------compared to that of milk.

141695. Mammary gland is made up of secretary cells called:

141696. --------------is a method by which testes are remove

141697. Identification of animals are done by:

141698. Spermiogenesis is completed in the

141699. ---------is a legume fodder rich in protein and calcium

141700. Capacitation of sperms take place in the:

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