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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2817

140851. If x/2=(x-1)Square.Find X

140852. The art of rearing fishes is known as:

140853. Travancore –Cochin integration was visualized on:

140854. Who invented Neutron?

140855. Burial place of Lal Bahadur Sastri:

140856. Viswanath Anand is associated with:

140857. Indian National Congress founded on:

140858. Capital of Uttaranchal:

140859. The first Indian ambassador in China:

140860. The king of fruits:

140861. ’Keralam Valarunnu’ was written by:

140862. Plants respirates through:

140863. Santhosh Trophy is associated with:

140864. The strait that separates India from Srilanka:

140865. Ajanta-Ellora caves are in:

140866. Acid caused for Kidney stone:

140867. Which was the first news paper in India?

140868. The fourth estate means:

140869. Downward Alteration theory is associated with:

140870. The present Pope of Vatican:

140871. Father of green revolution in the world:

140872. Goa became independent in:

140873. Lactometer is used to measure:

140874. The study of properties of light is known as’

140875. Boundary between India and Pakisthan:

140876. The ‘Wings of Fire’written by:

140877. Who said”man is born free,yet every where he is in chains”?

140878. Synagogue is associated with:

140879. Old name of Myanmar:

140880. ’Guernica’is the famous painting of:

140881. ’Arnagukanatha nadan’is the autobiography of:

140882. The first woman IPS officer from Kerala

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