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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 272

13601. The metallic constituents of hard water are ?

13602. The melting and boiling points of ionic solids are?

13603. The mass of one Avogadro number of helium atom is _______

13604. The marine animal called dugong which is vulnerable to extinction is a/an

13605. The major ingredient of leather is?

13606. The main constituents of pearls are?

13607. The main constituents of Pearl are ?

13608. The main active constituent of tea and coffee is _______

13609. The magnetic effect of electric current was first observed by?

13610. The lines joining the places of zero declination are called _______

13611. The lenght of time it takes for light to go from the sun to the earth is about _______

13612. The layer of the atmosphere which provides ideal flying conditions for large jet aeroplanes is ?

13613. The jet aircrafts fly very easily and smoothly in the lower stratosphere. What could be the appropriate explanation? There are no clouds or water vapour in the lower stratosphere. There are no vertical winds in the lower stratosphere. Which of the statements given above is/are correct in this context?

13614. The Jawahar, Amber are considered as important and good varieties of maize used for ?

13615. The isotope of uranium capable of sustaining chain reaction is?

13616. The inertia of an object depends only on its _______

13617. The inert gas which is substituted for nitrogen in the air used by deep sea divers for breathing, is _______

13618. The Idea of motion pictures was propounded by?

13619. The ice in glaciers always starts melting from _______

13620. The hydrogenation of the vegetables oils takes place in the presence of finely divided ___

13621. The hormone resonsible for the secretion of milk in mothers is _______

13622. The high temperature superconductors are?

13623. The hardness of the bone tissue is due to the phosphates and carbonates of _______

13624. The hardest substance available on earth is?

13625. The hardest from of carbon is?

13626. The group of small pieces of rock revolving round the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are called?

13627. The group of metals Fe, Co, Ni may best called as?

13628. The gases used in different types of welding would include?

13629. The gases from which a star begins to be formed are

13630. The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is?

13631. The gas predominantly responsible for global warning is _______

13632. The function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor is to?

13633. The formula of Plaster of Paris is?

13634. The first-ever robot spacecraft to probe planet Venus was named?

13635. The first phase in the sexual reproduction of organism is

13636. The filament of electric bulb is made of _______

13637. The filament of an electric bulb is made of?

13638. The fastest-running terrestrial animal is _______

13639. The fact that the night sky is dark shows that the universe _______

13640. The energy of the winds and the waves is _______

13641. The element used in an electric filament is of?

13642. The element found in the surface of the Moon is ?

13643. The element common to all acids is?

13644. The dynamo is a device for converting _______

13645. The disease diphtheria affects _______

13646. The diode cannot be used as _______

13647. The device used for locating submerged objects under sea is?

13648. The deepest location on the earth's surface on record is about 11.034 km beneath the sea level. It is located in ?

13649. The dark lines in the solar spectrum are due to _______

13650. The coommercial name for calcium hydride is?

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