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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2700

135001. A four cylinder engine has a capacity of 4 litres.The swept volume of one cylinder is:

135002. What is likely to happen if the thermostat valve remains closed?

135003. A Rough file is used:

135004. In order to ensure effective cooling of each cylinder of the engine is surrounded by:

135005. The main purpose of lead acid battery is to store electrical in the form of:

135006. A grinding wheel is marked:51A46 L5V-Here what does 5 denote?

135007. India’s position in terms of its size is:

135008. Who designed our National Flag?

135009. Which Political leader is known as Lion of Punjab?

135010. Nagarjuna Sagar Project is situated across which river?

135011. Largest island among Lakshadweep island group:

135012. In which year was ICDS project launched in India?

135013. Who was Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?

135014. In which congress session was Poornaswaraj resolution passed?

135015. District in which the Kayyur Struggle 1941 took place

135016. Which is the largest beach in Kerala?

135017. Which is the birth place of social reformer Vagbadanandha?

135018. Name the Social reformer who formed the Cultural Organisation ‘Vidyaposhini’?

135019. In which year was ‘Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham’formed under the leadership of Ayyankali?

135020. Name the Social reformer who participated in the Kakkinada Congress Session in 1923

135021. ’God is omnipresent.I don’t go to temple in search of GoTemple is the largest institution that protects untouchability.’Who said this comment?

135022. Who is the present Human resource minister of India?

135023. Who is the present Vice Chairman of Planning Board in Kerala?

135024. Which is the first digital state in India?

135025. Who won the Dadasahib Phalke Award in 2015?

135026. Who is the sports player known as ‘Flying fish’?

135027. Which part of the engine operate the valve?

135028. Inlet and exhaust ports are situated in the two stroke engine at:

135029. Piston Rings are commonly made of:

135030. Cutting Tool used to finishing and enlarging a drilled is known as:

135031. A petrol engine:

135032. Which instrument used to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte of the battery:

135033. Engine Radiator core is made of:

135034. The oil lubricating pump operated by:

135035. Connecting Roid connect the crankshaft and the :

135036. In-take Air-fuel in petrol engine burned in:

135037. Which one of the following types of engines has the longest crankshaft?

135038. The connecting rod is built of:

135039. Which part Indicate the oil level on the engine sump?

135040. The purpose of thermostatic is to keep the engine:

135041. Which one of the following parts is not a part of engine exhaust system?

135042. On the rear end of the crankshaft is mounted:

135043. The minimum number compression rings in an automotive engine:

135044. A Diesel engine:

135045. During suction stroke the charge drawn in a petrol engine is:

135046. In a diesel engine feed pump is located on:

135047. Valves are arranged to open before T. or C is reached this is called:

135048. The mostly common used valve in automobile engine:

135049. In diesel engine the fuel ignited by:

135050. The camshaft controls:

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