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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 256

12801. What is reinforced concrete?

12802. What is meant by latent heat?

12803. In ancient India shells of a sea-animal were used as money. What were they called?

12804. How does spraying kerosene on marshes reduce mosquitoes?

12805. How many bones are there in an adult human being?

12806. Who is considered to be the father of Geometry?

12807. What is the study of sound called?

12808. Which was the first satellite India launched from Indian soil using an Indian launch vehicle, SLV3?

12809. What are bacteria? Where are they found?

12810. What is the name of the instrument that records heart beat?

12811. Who discovered the connection between magnetism and electricity?

12812. Who discovered the presence of neutrons in the nucleus of elements?

12813. At what temperature does water become ice?

12814. What do deciduous trees mean?

12815. The electric discharge of which fish is the most powerful?

12816. What is the name for power generated from water?

12817. How is sound produced?

12818. How are motion pictures made?

12819. From which part of the plant, is ginger that we eat obtained?

12820. Who was the first person to find out that microscopic organisms are responsible for milk, wine, etc turning sour?

12821. What is the meaning of the word Hippopotamus?

12822. Who invented the Hovercraft?

12823. Who discovered Vitamins?

12824. Who coined the word Vitamin?

12825. Why does the planet Mars appear red?

12826. Name the Vitamin that prevents night blindness.

12827. Where do sea plants obtain carbon dioxide to manufacture their food?

12828. Who is considered as the father of modern Medicine?

12829. How does an Octopus camouflage itself?

12830. Who first proved that lightning is an electric charge coming down to the earth?

12831. What are cosmic rays?

12832. What is a cocoon?

12833. What does the acronym LASER stand for?

12834. How is cement obtained?

12835. Name the only mammal, other than man, that can walk upright?

12836. Which disease is caused by insufficiency of iodine in the diet?

12837. What are molluscs?

12838. Which animal has the longest life span?

12839. How is the glow of a firefly caused?

12840. Who first enunciated the laws of heredity?

12841. What does the acronym, SONAR, stand for?

12842. What are comets?

12843. Why does a metal rod feel cooler than a piece of wood?

12844. Why does a jet of water come out of a whale's back?

12845. How many teeth do sheep have on their upper jaw?

12846. How are helicopters useful in rescue operations?

12847. How can lizards walk on walls?

12848. How does a perfume spread to the corners of any room even though there is no breeze?

12849. Where does light fall inside the eye?

12850. Chlorine is very injurious to health. So is sodium. The table salt we use is sodium chloride. Why is it not dangerous to health?

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