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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2469

123451. Which is invalid name of identifier

123452. Adding to a pointer that points to an array will

123453. What is true about fputs function

123454. What is correct order of precedence in C

123455. A variable in c

123456. printf() belongs to which library of c

123457. UML meaning is

123458. Structures can be used

123459. A member is a

123460. To access the members of structure which symbol is used

123461. What among following is true about stack

123462. Difference between structure and union is

123463. If (p) and p is same

123464. Can getch() be used to echo the input

123465. What is the purpose of getc()

123466. Which operator has the highest priority

123467. The compiler in C ignores all text till the end of line using

123468. rand() function returns

123469. Out of following program : float x = 10.7 int i i = (int) x print i

123470. What is use of in c

123471. total number of keywords in C are

123472. Which of the following below is/are valid C keywords

123473. If include files can be nested

123474. calloc() belongs to which library

123475. Exit() is same as return

123476. Difference between calloc() and malloc()

123477. What will be the output of following program #include main() { int x,y = 10 x = y NULL printf("%d",x) }

123478. Due to variable scope in c

123479. What will be output of #include void main() { char test =`S` printf(" %c",test) }

123480. Continue statement used for

123481. Break statement is used for

123482. The first expression in a for loop is

123483. We can insert pre written code in a C program by using

123484. Which among following has invalid syntax ?

123485. Which of the following type of class allows only one object of it to be created

123486. What is polymorphism

123487. What is abstract class

123488. Meaning of STL

123489. Meaning of PDB

123490. Stack unwinding deals with

123491. Which is not C++ storage class

123492. Default constructor has how many arguments

123493. What is inheritance

123494. Reference is like a

123495. what is a class in c++

123496. What is the meaning of base class in C++

123497. C++ programs must contain

123498. is used for

123499. How we define our name for constants

123500. what is the size of int datatype for 32 bit system

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