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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2329

116451. Sania Mirza teamup with Barbora Strýcová. She is from which country ?

116452. The validity of an Indian Passport:

116453. Abhijeet Gupta is associated with

116454. Where is the Bharathpur bird sanctuary?

116455. Thami Lungisa Tsolekile is a cricketer from which country ?

116456. CCU is the 3 letter code of which place?

116457. Devendra Jhajharia is related to which sport ?

116458. The highest airport in India:

116459. Deepa Malik is related to

116460. The animal protected at Eravikulam national park:

116461. Ankur Dhama associated with which sport ?

116462. Where is the Ratholsavam held?

116463. Pooja Khanna is related to

116464. The oldest airline in the world:

116465. Thangavelu is related to which sport ?

116466. The full form of SSR:

116467. PR Sreejesh is related to which Sport ?

116468. What is the motivation of a tourist coming to watch Kathakali?

116469. Who among the following is related to Swimming ?

116470. The places included in the Golden Triangle:

116471. Annu Rani is related to

116472. The convention resulted in the formation of IATA:

116473. Niranjan Mukundan is related to which Sport ?

116474. Miami is famous for which type of tourism?

116475. Who among the following is related to Badminton?

116476. Where did the Grand Tour take place?

116477. The Cricketer Dwayne Bravo belongs to which country ?

116478. Which is a private airline in India?

116479. Sushila Chanu is related to

116480. The official name for Howrah bridge:

116481. Who is related to Running ?

116482. The full form of TIM:

116483. Vivek Teja is related to which of the following ?

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