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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2313

115651. The first Kerala athelete to receive the Padmasree Award was

115652. The first king of Travancore to undertake a sea voyage to a foreign country was

115653. Who is the Chairman of ISRO

115654. Who is popularly known as 'Mayyazhi Gandhi'

115655. Who is the Chairman of Kerala PSC

115656. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently inaugurated the Indian Police Foundation (IPF) and the Indian Police Institute (IPI) in

115657. PM Shri Narendra Modi recently (October, 2015) laid the foundation of the new capital city of the Indian state of

115658. President of india is elected by:

115659. The first woman of non Indian origin to become the President of Indian National congress:

115660. Who is the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh ?

115661. Total number of Cabinet Ministers from Kerala in the Ministry of Dr. Manmohan Singh :

115662. The Keralite who participated in the summit of International Labour Organisation held in May-June 2007:

115663. Smart city project was signed on :

115664. ..is to administer oath of office to the Indian President in 07.07.

115665. Speaker of the 12th Legislative Assembly in Kerala :

115666. Who among the following is the oldest Minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modis Cabinet ?

115667. 'The Panchsheel Agreement' for peaceful co-existence was signed between

115668. GST committee is headed by who among the following ?

115669. GST was first discussed in the report of ..

115670. .. became the first state to ratify the GST bill 

115671. The GST bill deal with which article of Indian constitution ?

115672. The GST bill, after ratification by the States, received assent from

115673. GST is defined as any tax on supply of goods and services other than

115674. GST deal with which of the following ?

115675.  The GST Constitution bill was passed by Parliament on

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