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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 231

11551. Who killed the sons of Draupadi after entering the Pandava camp at night on the eighteenth day?

11552. Who killed Tataka?

11553. Who killed the asura Pralamba?

11554. Who killed the demon Kalanemi?

11555. Who killed Vritra?

11556. Who leaves Sita near the ashram of Valmiki?

11557. Who made Rama and Lakshmana expert archers?

11558. Who occupied Duryodhana's palace after the battle of Kurukshetra?

11559. Who offered poisoned sweets to Bhima when he was young?

11560. Who performed the funeral rites of Jatayu?

11561. Who performed the Putrakameshti Yajna for King Dasharatha?

11562. Who poisoned the ears of Kaikeyi when the whole city was happy that Rama would soon be crowned king?

11563. Who presented the bow, Gandiva to Arjuna?

11564. Who prompts Durvasa to go, with his disciples, to the hermitage of the Pandavas?

11565. Who saved Takshaka from Janamejaya's sarpa-satra?

11566. Who seized Draupadi by the hair and dragged her into the court?

11567. Who sends a chariot to Rama during the war with Ravana?

11568. Who set fire to the camp of the Pandavas?

11569. Who sends a man to dig a tunnel in the Shellac palace at Varanavata to help the Pandavas?

11570. Who sent Akrura to Hastinapura to enquire about the Pandavas?

11571. Who succeeded Aja to the throne of Ayodhya?

11572. Who succeeded to the throne of Hastinapura after the death of King Shantanu?

11573. Who taught Arjuna singing and dancing?

11574. Who threw Devayani into a well?

11575. Who told Janamejaya that Parikshit had been bitten by Takshaka?

11576. Who taught Duryodhana how to wield a mace?

11577. Who taught Uttara to dance?

11578. Who told Kamsa that Krishna and Balarama were, in reality, the sons of Vasudeva?

11579. Who told the monkey army that he had seen Ravana carrying Sita across the ocean?

11580. Who took Devayani out of the well?

11581. Who took Krishna and Balarama to Mathura from Vrindavan?

11582. Who told the Yadavas that Krishna and Balarama were in reality the children of Vasudeva?

11583. Who tried to win over Kama to the Pandava's side?

11584. Who was anointed as the heir apparent to the kingdom of Kishkindha after the battle of Lanka ?

11585. Who tried to send Trishanku to heaven in his bodily form?

11586. Who was crowned King of Lanka after Havana's death?

11587. Who was Devayani?

11588. Who was called as Vaasudeva?

11589. Who was Dhumraksha, referred to in the Ramayana?

11590. Who was Dhruva's mother?

11591. Who was Dyumatsena?

11592. Who was Indra's wife?

11593. Who was instrumental in kidnapping Aniruddha?

11594. Who was Kacha's father?

11595. Who was killed by Kama using the weapon, Shakti or Amogha?

11596. Who was known for his bad temper among the rishis?

11597. Who was Kubera's father?

11598. Who was Lakshmana's wife?

11599. Who was responsible for the origin of the land mass that we now know as Kerala?

11600. Who was Parashurama's father?

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